Art of Cleansing

You’ve heard about the art of shaving, the art of eating, the art of kissing... what about the art of cleansing? If you’ve had a treatment lately, think back to just how long your skin therapist spent cleansing your face. Can’t remember? Here’s a refresher: during an hour-long skin treatment, your skin therapist can spend up to 10 minutes cleansing your skin with a professional double cleansing routine! (Compare this to the quick sweep, rub and rinse you perform every morning and every evening!)
 The Double Cleanse routine is literally the action of cleansing your skin, rinsing the cleanser and surface debris from your skin, and then cleansing again to remove any debris inside your pores. Once that top layer of environmental pollutants, oil-based debris and sebum (oil) is removed, the second cleanse can more efficiently remove oil-based debris from your pores, cleaning out what could be contributing to under-surface congestion, acne, or even a lackluster appearance.

Skin therapists dedicate this much time to cleansing your skin because they understand clean skin is the foundation of healthy skin. Before the exfoliants, masques and moisturizers even have the opportunity to seep in and benefit your skin, it has to be truly clean.
While the Double Cleanse routine may not be the newest treatment to hit the skin care industry, it lays the foundation for the success of every treatment. And the best part about it is you can do it yourself at home! With PreCleanse, the new oil-based cleanser from Dermalogica that efficiently removes more dirt and oil-based debris than your usual cleanser, you can make the Double Cleanse routine a part of your at-home regimen. And you’ll see the results of healthier, more radiant skin every day!

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    Art of Cleansing

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