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natural chocolate spa pedicure treatments

100% pure chocolate indulgence, 0 calories ...

these serious aromatic chocolate therapy treatments for mind, soul and body – including your precious hands and feet. Now you can have your own chocolate spa body experience!

“Chocolate Therapy to Lift Your Spirits”

The exclusive 60-minute Chocolate Pedicure is Appealing and Irresistible and Guaranteed to appeal to the Chocoholics!  Chocolate is an exotic, natural and effective ingredient used in skin care products and treatments

Pure Temptation Chocolate Pedicure

soothes and satisfies all the senses

Did you know that chocolate has many benefits?

• Chocolate has been found to be one of the highest sources of chromium in the diet.

• Chocolate contains high levels of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are believed to play a very important role in helping to slow the ageing process and prevent cancer and heart disease.

 • Cocoa’s anti-oxidant potential is comparable to green tea.  Cocoa Butter helps to maintain the skin's general health as well as to prevent visible signs of ageing such as wrinkling.

• Chocolate is believed to be very good for stress. Because most of us find eating chocolate so pleasurable, we release us a sense of well-being.

• The cocoa bean is also packed with Magnesium.

Pure Temptation Chocolate Pedicure soothes and satisfies all the senses

For many people, the aroma of warm chocolate is the perfect counterpoint to crisp, chilly days. But why stop at simply eating or drinking it when you can actually soak your feet in it?

Northmead Beauty Therapy is now offering an exclusive 60-minute pedicure where clients' feet are literally soaked, scrubbed and massaged with chocolate. This indulgent treatment is rich in anti-oxidants and will leave even the roughest feet feeling soft and smooth.

Feet are first soaked in a bath of then exfoliated with an Exclusive Rich Chocolate and Hazelnut Scrub

followed by a Dreamy Blissful Massage

Next a Deep Nourishing Hydrating Creamy Chocolate Foot Mask is slathered on the feet.

A chocolate butter cream moisturiser on the feet leaves a finishing softness and, frankly, a yummy smell that lasts all day.

The smell of luscious and divine chocolate is so relaxing and your feet end up very, very deliciously soft and fully exfoliated.

Chocolate contains more than 300 different mineral compounds including magnesium, potassium and calcium all of which have a calming effect and help reduce stress. The polyphenols and antioxidants of chocolate counter the effects of cell aging.

But most importantly, the scent of chocolate triggers the chemical release of endorphins in the brain producing a similar feeling to falling in love.

Spending an hour surrounded by the aroma of chocolate and even sipping a cup of yummy rich hot chocolate with a mini-choc on the side, while you relax with your decadent Chocolate Foot Mask, leaves you with a feeling of utter relaxation and a relatively calorie-free (hot chocolate notwithstanding) indulgence.

Spoil Yourself or Treat Someone Special

Chocolate Pedicure

Special Price ONLY $69

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Discerning chocoholics around the world agree – you may positively slather the goodness of our chocolate therapy all over yourself with impunity knowing that you simply won’t find a finer ultimate chocolate product to indulge with anywhere

Don’t Forget Our Guarantee to YOU: In the unlikely event that you’re not Delighted, It’s FREE!

Enjoy the finer things in life...

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Northmead salon awarded best of best

04 May, 2010 10:45 AM

CONGRATULATIONS to Northmead Beauty Therapy Salon owner Michelle Weston who won the 2010 Business Person of the Year Award at the Local Business Awards at Castle Hill RSL on April 21.

The event was a celebration of the achievements in the local business community.

On winning the award Ms Weston told the News: ``I was a bit overwhelmed and shocked. It's a really massive achievement and a personal achievement. It's very humbling and I am very proud.''

Achievement: Michelle Weston said she was overwhelmed and shocked to win the award.

Thank You for Voting Us a 2010 Finalist and allowing Michelle to WIN the Hills Business Person of the Year Award!!


 2010 Finalist and allowing Michelle to WIN the Hills Business Person of the Year Award!!


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