Always seem to be at the beauticians?

 Ever wished you could stay beautiful at discounted prices?


Well now you can...

Ever wondered how people like Cate Blanchette, Jennifer Anniston and Scarlett Johannson have glowing, gorgeous skin all the time? Their skin is no different to ours, but the secret is regular beauty care… and now you too can look your best all the time AND save money!

A FREE Gift For You – when you accept this invitation to spend less at Northmead Beauty Therapy…

“Forget Gym Memberships, Here’s Membership You Will Love to Use”


Ever wish you could have all the beauty treatments you ever wanted, whenever you wanted, regardless of how much money is in your purse?  Ever wanted a movie star budget to spend on all the pampering you could wish for? Of course, which one of us hasn’t wanted all those things? Well now you can!


Hi, it’s Michelle here from Northmead Beauty Therapy and I am pretty excited about the 2011 exclusive membership program.


Four years ago we commenced this exclusive programme and several clients have benefited.  Some of these clients have since moved out of the area leaving a limited opportunity for YOU to join our exclusive membership programme. You have the opportunity to become an exclusive member of your very own salon. But… (there is always a but) only the first 17 people to respond will have this opportunity


Read quickly…and then contact us with "I want a membership" to hold your membership.


How can I be one of the exclusive 17 members you ask? It’s simple!  As a member you can come in whenever you like (only Saturday’s are excluded – we like to save them for brides) and have whatever service you like, depending on which membership you choose, and not pay a cent.  Money well spent to have a Hollywood beauty lifestyle.


When you choose to become a member at Northmead Beauty you pay the set fee up front or by instalments.  Then for the entire year you can have whatever you like  There is absolutely no limit to the amount you can have.


As you can see, this is an amazing offer for the first 17 quick clients to snabble this opportunity.  Why would we do this you ask?  Because we are guaranteed to keep you as a client for the next 12 months and when your friends notice how well groomed you are (and that you look years younger from all your beauty treatments) they will want to visit us too.  Why only 17 memberships? We have calculated that is the maximum number of client’s we can look after under this program as we already have clients continuing on year after year on this exclusive programme.


So which membership is for you and what do they cost?  Lets have a look;

Mini Membership

You’re invited to purchase our $200 mini membership and receive $100 extra credit FREE

That’s a total of $300 for just $200!!

Your mini membership can be used towards any casual full priced beauty service (not including product) and there is a 12 month expiry date.

Your membership runs out when your balance is $0.00.

Use your membership whenever you like, on whichever of our fantastic services you choose!

Terms of Use: memberships have no expiry date. Membership credit can not be used on product or promotional offers. Memberships can not be transferred or refunded. Enjoy your membership!

Only 17 memberships available


Call Now 9890 7444

to book your membership

Only 15 Left



Mini Membership Voucher  BUY NOW $200 

or, fill in the form below with your credit card details.


Full Salon Membership

Become a Salon Member and SAVE everytime you visit!

Too good to be true??

As a Salon Member, you'll never again pay full price for our salon treatments and services.

 Here's how it works:

As a member, you are entitled to discounts on all our services. See our "Member Prices" advertised on our pricelist/service menu and throughout our website.


A Gift Card to use on your next visit towards two gifts:

  • $20 towards any Facial Treatment or Mineral Makeup Tutorial and

  • $50 towards any IPL Permanent Hair Reduction Treatment or Photo Rejuvenation Facial Treatment.

  • PLUS; a scratchy section where you can also get up to $50 toward any product purchase

A Rewards Club Key Tag giving you instant access to our Rewards Club.  For each $100 you spend on services you will be rewarded with 5 Rewards Points.  Once you reach 20 points in the Rewards Club we will reward you with a $20 Gift Card to use towards your next appointment. Pay upfront and receive 2 x $20 Gift Cards immediately!!


Also 2 x Refer-a-Friend Gift Key Tags can be given to your friends or family members who have never been to Northmead Beauty Therapy before.  Each time a new friend or family member presents one of these Key Tags on their first visit* you will receive a $20 Gift Card. Plus your first time friend or family member will 20% off their first experience with us.  We will post them back to you as soon as the key tags are redeemed so you can keep handing them out and earn even more Gift Cards!

Pay Upfront and Save over $190!!

  • Simply prepay your membership upfront of $500 per year saving you immediately $100!!.

  • You can visit the salon to redeem your credit of $500 at any time during the year.

  • If you can't make it into the salon during the year to spend you credit, don't worry, your credit rolls over to the following year.

  • Pay upfront and receive an additional 2 x $20 Gift Cards immediately!!

  • Plus you get your free $50 Dermalogica Gift

    Membership Programme JOIN NOW $500 per year ONLINE

Pay by the Month

  • Simply prepay your membership of a minimum of $50 each month from your credit card.  

  • Select from either the 1st, 10th or 23rd of the month for payment.

  • Your credit will be available immediately following payment

  • You can visit the salon to redeem you credit of $50 at any time during the month.

  • If you can't make it into the salon during that month, don't worry, your credit rolls over to the following month.

  • There's no joining fee and no long term commitment required!

    Membership Programme JOIN NOW $50 per month ONLINE


To join simply fill in the form below

Membership Joining Form
Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
First Name*
Last Name*
E-mail Address*
Street Address*
Zip/Postal Code*
Home Phone
Business Phone
Mobile Phone*
What Membership Would You Like To Take Adavandage Of?*
Mini Membership (upfront payment only)
Full Salon Membership
Unlimited IPL or Beauty Services for 12 months
Unlimited Salon Services for 12 months
Will You Be Paying Upfront Or By The Month/Week (depending on your membership)
By The Month
By The Week (only available on Unlimited Packages)
If Your Are Joining As A Full Salon Member, How much would you like to spend in monthly membership? (min $50)
Card Number (16 Characters)*
Card Expiry Date (dd/mm/yyyy)*
Name On Card*
Card Security Number (Last 3 digits on the Back of your Card)*



  or please talk to our salon staff

Conditions do apply*

Why pay more than you have to for salon services??

Join today and start saving each time you visit!

To join or find out more, please talk to one of our salon staff.

*Discounts apply to treatments and services only


From Our Clients

“The staff are very professional, friendly and give great advice as they really know their products and services.  They also use the best products and are very particular about their high standard in hygiene.  I would plug into the great membership deal.” (Jody, Clerical, Northmead)


Unlimited Packages


Unlimited IPL or Beauty Services cost only $2999


Unlimited IPL OR Beauty Services automatically entitles you to full use of the salons facial and body treatment services.  Have what ever you like from AHA & BHA skin peels, eye lift treatments, deep pore cleansing facials, retreat facials, body massage and wrap treatments and Dermalogica skin treatments absolutely free.


Come when it suits you, during the day or after work when you can relax while hubby looks after the kids.  It works out to be less than $58 a week, not bad to look ten years younger than your friends


As an added bonus you will receive unlimited use of the salon’s make-up services. Free tuition’s to teach you how to apply your make-up, or why not get your make-up done for special occasions.  Hot date on a Friday night – let us do you up!




…That’s right, just one payment up front and you can have as many IPL treatments as we can do for 12 months- that’s permanent hair reduction &  facial rejuvenation – ALL areas or areas of your choice. Unlimited, what ever we can fit into 12 whole months with only one payment!


There are strictly only 8 Unlimited IPL or Beauty Services offered. 

Unlimited IPL OR Beauty Services JOIN NOW $2999 per year

Unlimited IPL OR Beauty Services JOIN NOW $57 per week


Unlimited SALON SERVICES cost only $3999


The best of the bunch, because you get unlimited access to all the salons services.  Enjoy our full range of waxing, tinting, manicures, pedicures, eye treatments, facials, body treatments, skin peels, massage, make-up, tanning and IPL services.


You pay nothing all year and so can come as often as you like.  Your membership costs less than $89 a week. 


Book your waxing and finish with a pedicure.  Have your nails done and then a facelift in a lunch hour.  Have a whole course of AHA facials and mix it up with some skin peels.  Enjoy a relaxing massage and mud treatment.  You choose whatever you like, when you like.


There are strictly only 3 Unlimited Salon Services offered.

Unlimited Salon Services JOIN NOW $3999 per year ONLINE  

Unlimited Salon Services JOIN NOW $89 per week ONLINE

Remember, these memberships are only available to the first 16 clients to purchase them.  Pay by cheque, credit card, cash, or paypal.  Even better use your tax return and make the taxman pay.


The upfront payment a little overwhelming?  Contact us with a  "I want a membership" to hold your membership and we can arrange an instalment system.


I’m sure you’ll instantly see why joining as an exclusive member is something you do not want to miss out on.  Reply today as there are strictly no rain checks once the memberships are gone they are gone.  We know that clients who miss this opportunity will be disappointed. Don’t let it be you!


Contact us with "I want a membership" to hold your membership immediately (as long as there are some left).


So in closing, thank you for taking the time to read this webpage.  Don’t however waste time reading it twice, get a membership you will love using time and time and time and time again.


Kind Regards,




P.S.  Ask yourself one question.  Why wouldn’t I want to join, when I will be one of 17 lucky people to have an unlimited beauty budget? Plus you get your free $50 Dermalogica Gift.


P.S.S.  If you are not completely satisfied with your membership simply let us know within 30 days and we will happily refund your money less the services you enjoyed in that 30 days.


P.S.S.S  We guarantee as a member you will continue to receive the most professional, up-to-date advice and the best service and treatments.  We are unquestionably the best at what we do in the Parramatta/Hills area and we look forward to being able to offer you “Hollywood Treatment” without you spending another cent.

Book Online

Book Online
Always on the run?
Never have time to call?...

Well now there's no need we've made it easy for you to book your appointments at the click of a button. 
Go to click on the green Book Me anywhere on located on the website or use the icon in top right hand corner of Home Page
Get logged on right onto our very own appointment schedule!!

Choose what type of treatment you'd like, the day and time.
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or Get our iPhone app


Download the mylocalsalon for iPhone FREE now at get immediate access to our appointment book!

Access all of the great features of directly from your iPhone!

  • Book directly from your iPhone.  
  • GPS tracking helps you find us based on your current location.


WARNING - Northmead Beauty Therapy's eMAIL marketing is only intended for those SERIOUS about saving hundred's of $$$ and getting tons of Free Extra Bonuses with their Beauty Treatments - Do not Subscribe unless you are ready to start looking at least 7 years younger!

Benefits of updating on the Northmead Beauty Therapy's database.

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLIER. You will help Northmead Beauty Therapy to be more environmentally friendly, as they will save paper and envelopes by directly emailing your newsletter and birthday letters and offers to you instead of posting it.

  • You'll discover how to get beauty treatments at prices other salons don't want us to tell you about!

Simply complete the form below, you will then receive and automatic reply to your email where you can update all your profile details including emails address, postal address and even your new mobile telephone number!!!


Don't worry - All your information is kept 100% confidential. We respect your privacy and will not, under any circumstances share your information with any 3rd party because...we hate spam just as much as you do. See our "Privacy Policy".

Outside business hours – why not book online? CLICK HERE

have You found our frog yet?

Score a FREE $20 gift voucher for yourself or a friend when you find our frog! Froggie (as he is affectionately known as) is hidden somewhere in our website. Froggie leaps monthly and when you find him, click on him and he will reward you…






The team at Northmead Beauty Therapy are extremely PROUD and EXCITED to be named a FINALIST in the AUSTRALIAN 2010 Small Business Champions Award.  Want to meet the team .... CLICK HERE

Northmead salon awarded best of best

04 May, 2010 10:45 AM

CONGRATULATIONS to Northmead Beauty Therapy Salon owner Michelle Weston who won the 2010 Business Person of the Year Award at the Local Business Awards at Castle Hill RSL on April 21.

The event was a celebration of the achievements in the local business community.

On winning the award Ms Weston told the News: ``I was a bit overwhelmed and shocked. It's a really massive achievement and a personal achievement. It's very humbling and I am very proud.''

Achievement: Michelle Weston said she was overwhelmed and shocked to win the award.

Thank You for Voting Us a 2010 Finalist and allowing Michelle to WIN the Hills Business Person of the Year Award!!


 2010 Finalist and allowing Michelle to WIN the Hills Business Person of the Year Award!!


Bought to you by the 2009 Hills Shire Times Beauty Service Award WINNERS!!!


 Thank You for Voting Us a 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 Finalist and allowing US to WIN the Hills Shire Times Business Achiever Awards for Beauty Services in 2009!!



 Thank You for Voting Us a 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 Finalist




For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.

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