Melbourne Cup and Christmas Appointments

Melbourne Cup and Christmas Appointments.

Spring Carnival.

November is a great month! The sun is out. More often then not we are getting our gardens and houses ready - spring cleaning - and it is time to spring clean ourselves. Remove the hair. Remove the dead skin. Spray on a tan and get that Face and Body looking great for summer. Make your friends gasp with envy this summer when you look Radiant and Fresh. You know - that one thing that they just can’t put their finger on!







Here’s How to Have Your Friends Gasp with Envy on Carnivale Day...and Beg You to Reveal Your Beauty Secrets!


If you’re planning or going to a social event of any kind during spring, then this is the most important newsletter you could read.


Hats, dresses, shoes – it’s a HUGE fashion event. In fact, I would say sometimes it’s the biggest fashion event on the entire calendar!


Ladies spend small fortunes making sure they look their very best on this special day – I’m sure you’ll agree with that! In fact, it’s really the modern version of




Now, think for a moment...wouldn’t it be a huge shame, to go to all that trouble making sure your outfit is just so..... your hair stunning and eye-catching....your shoes a perfect match...and then have the whole picture let down because you


forgot to get your legs waxed!



Please, don’t let a gorgeous outfit down by neglecting the fine details!! There’s magic in the details!


Yes there is magic in perfect skin … smooth legs, nails that are a work of art, feet that complement those lovely strappy shoes and hairless underarms.


Formal, Weddings, Anything………



Enjoy togetherness as you and your friend enjoy preparing your big event.  Whether it be your upcoming formal, wedding or just girls day out, our experienced therapists will ensure you look your best for your day.


Bring a Friend and enjoy these great formal specials


Professionally done Formal Makeup using a combination of   and  products

YOUR FRIEND PAYS $55 You Pay ONLY $27.50


Look good feel good with a  SunFX Spray

YOUR FRIEND PAYS $35 You Pay ONLY $17.50


Have your eyebrow professionally shaped with an Eyebrow Wax



Your hands and feet should complement your effort receive a

Manicure and Pedicure





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