“What??? It’s November and They’re Already Playing Christmas Carols in the Mall?”

Yeah, I know. I think it’s weird too.

BUT... I figure it’s meant as a sign ...a warning that with Christmas Madness is approaching, we’re all going to be


shopping and attending parties!


a lot more than we have for the past few months. Yikes! Which means.....if you start SOON we can get your skin in shape and your Christmas shopping organised all at once!


Mmmmm.... it sounds daunting, doesn’t it. In fact, I’m going to make you an offer .... 


Pretty soon (if you’re like me) you’re going to be staring down the barrel of that dreaded Christmas deadline – the gift shopping! STOP!


Don’t you think you should pamper and prepare yourself a little before you go rushing out into the concrete jungle of the malls to do battle with the shopping trolleys??? Or better still be pampered and complete your Christmas shopping with us at once!!! 


we have your Christmas shopping covered 


So until December 15 ONLY, we’re offering an amazing, fantastic Value-Add package, in fact it’s our


"Look Great For Christmas" Package


Here’s what you get – and you’ll be amazed at how we can do it for the price!


$230 of Beauty Treatments for Just $99!


Guaranteed to make you look and feel Amazing!


Your ‘look-great-for-Christmas’ facial begins with: a deep action, double cleanse.  Followed with our exotic exfoliation with the latest Hollywood Stars high power peel to remove dead skin cells.  Next, a relaxing facial steam to open pores for maximum penetration of specific skin care products, your face is massaged with a hydrating vitamin enriched cream, then we apply our famous face mask enriched with Vitamin C, guaranteed to rejuvenate your skin, finished with a soothing multivitamin day cream – You will look and feel amazing for just $99!


And receive completely free

                        $55 Skin Analysis FREE

                        $25 Relaxing, neck, shoulder and upperback massage FREE

                        $25 Hand Massage FREE

                        $10 Gift Voucher to be used at your next visit FREE


PLUS the first 10 ladies to book will receive a FREE Dermalogica Trial Skin Care Pack Valued at $30!


that’s a total value of $230 for just $99!



But I can only hold this offer open until December 15 ONLY...


so simply click here to book NOW


Oh, and of course our 100% money back guarantee applies with this special offer too....in fact, it’s even better:


‘You’ll be Delighted with Your Treatment, or it’s FREE –

PS. And you get to keep your special bonuses!
Christmas Time is near
Are you organised???
We can have all of your Christmas shopping organised NOW online anytime day or night.
Whats on offer??
*Promo not valid in conjunction with package deals
*Free voucher to be the $$ value of the cheaper of the 2 vouchers purchased
SAVE 50% on Conditioning Body Wash
Have you forgotten to make your appointment???
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