Valentines Day

Get a $264 Beauty Treatment for Only $99!


Here’s what you’ll get…


The ‘look-great-for-Valentines’ facial begins with: a deep action, double cleanse.  Followed with our exotic exfoliation with the latest Hollywood Stars high power peel to remove dead skin cells.  Next, a relaxing facial steam to open pores for maximum penetration of specific skin care products, the face is massaged with a hydrating vitamin enriched cream, then we apply our famous face mask enriched with Vitamin C, guaranteed to rejuvenate the skin, finished with a soothing multivitamin day cream – you will look and feel amazing for just $99!


And receive completely free

                        $60 Skin Analysis FREE

                        $30 Relaxing, neck, shoulder and upperback massage FREE

                        $30 Hand Massage FREE

                        $10 Gift Voucher to be used at your next visit FREE


PLUS the first 10 ladies to book will receive a FREE Dermalogica Trial Skin Care Pack Valued at $35!


that’s a total value of $264 for just $99!


But I can only hold this offer open until February 14 ONLY...SO BOOK NOW!!!


To book this exclusive offer simply reply email NOW

"I want to look great for Valentines Day"

and one of our friendly therapists will contact you to arrange a suitable time

or ph 9890 7444.

"Raising the Bar" on Hygiene and Sanitation

Proper hygiene and sanitation have long been issues in nail salons in the United States. In response to the many "horror stories" that have appeared in the news media over the past few years, the issue is now high on the customer's radar screen. For example, celebrity advocate Paula Abdul, after suffering a serious nail infection that required hospitalization, testified before the California state legislature in 2005 to encourage the imposition of consumer safety standards in nail salons. Given the increased scrutiny, many nail salons in the United States have begun to implement at least some sanitation procedures, though consumers should still be vigilant.


With the introduction of so many "nail bars" within Australia the same "horror stories" are appearing.  As so many are introduced within our own vicinity we are only now seeing a significant increase in potential clients that we are unable to service because of infection.  Did you know that in Australia “nail bars” are not covered by the Skin Penetration Act and do not have to follow the same high standards as reputable hairdressers, beauty salons and day spas?  As a consequence, did you know that in “nail bars” only one staff member on the premises needs to be qualified?  If YOU walked into a “nail bar” for a quick fix how do YOU know which technician is even qualified???


Many products are now being illegally imported into Australia making it much cheaper to perform a service.  These products contain ingredients such as MMA amongst others which are illegal both in the United States and Australia due to associated health risks.  The saying “you get what you pay for” could not be a more true statement at present within the Australian hair, nail and beauty industry.


So in response at Northmead Beauty Therapy we will leave nothing to chance when it comes to the safety, comfort and peace-of-mind of our customers. Individual manicure "kits", pedicure "kits" and acrylic nail "kits" are now being introduced, and the ongoing disinfecting of tabletops and other surfaces at point-of-service, and the key component of our hygiene and sanitation philosophy is the absence of whirlpool foot baths.


No Whirlpool Footbaths


In the United States, The Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta issued guidelines against whirlpool footbaths in 2001, identifying them as a potential breeding ground for fortuitum, a microbacterium that causes boils on the legs.  If the filters in the footbath are not cleaned after each service, serious skin infections can develop. Why take the risk? At Northmead Beauty Therapy we soak your tootsies in a modern portable air blown foot spa that's quick and easy to disinfect between customers . . . so you can relax and not worry about physical safety hazards.  These “deluxe pedicure chairs” may look fancy BUT they are a breeding ground if not correctly cleaned.


This particular matter is now being addressed within our own Australian Beauty Industry. Expect to see more "horror stories" in the media, particularly on TV shows like Channel 7's Today Tonight.


Where do you put YOUR FEET???????




In order to exceed NSW Dept of Health and Local Government Guidelines effective from 1st February 2008 each client will incur a one-off small additional charge of

$7.50 for manicures

$10 for acrylic nails

$15 for pedicures

All equipment will be appropriately cleaned and placed in sealed bags kept on premises for future appointments

Upon purchase of your respective kit, all prices will then remain unaffected


"Love is in the air."

It's that time of the year again...when cupid is out to bring love and happiness into the world!  To help cupid along, Northmead Beauty Therapy are having a Valentine's Day Special Whether you're looking to impress or buy a gift for that special someone...go no further! Northmead Beauty Therapy is a one stop shop!

Why not come in and have your nails painted the colour of love?

Or maybe some sexy Eyelash Extensions sure to catch the eye of that special someone!

Better yet...come in and have a red heart down below for a last minute Valentine's Day surprise sure to please! 


Need a gift for you're special someone? How about one of our Gift Vouchers to the amount of your desire...even better you can pick! Maybe there's something in particular you've always wanted them to have done??...well now's your chance!!  Can’t decide?  Spoil them rotten with one of our delightful Beauty Packages!

Chill and Relaxation Package - $120

The "Deluxe Package" - $165

Ultimate Indulgence Package - $328  

Thank you for voting us as a 2007 Finalist! 


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