Feeling A Little Stressed Out?

"Feeling A Little Stressed Out? Book A Hot Stone Body Massage today and We'll Give You Another One FREE Valued at $115"

2 for 1 OFFER!!

Imagine a room, dimly lit with candles and soft music. A heated stone glides across your skin, another follows. Feeling yourself relax, you take a deep breath and your stress just melts away. You feel the hands of the therapist massaging you, or is that another stone? As the heat penetrates, and tight, knotted muscles are loosened, you have no choice but to let the tension melt away.  Afterwards, smaller stones are placed between your toes, larger stones in your hands and you are snugly covered. Your mind drifts away into an almost meditative state……..Sound good? Our special offer is just for this week only... But hurry and secure your appointment as we have only limited vacanies!

Simply book online or Call 9890 7444 or reply email "I want a hot stone massage".  

Introducing Hot Stone Massage

Feeling stiff, aching joints? Hot Stone Massage will warm you, and your muscles back to a state of relax and tranquility. This therapy originated in ancient India and China and dates back to over 3000 years old. It combines the benefits of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy and strokes of massage using heated basalt stones. Here are some of the benefits from a hot stone massage:

• Increased circulation
• Improves transportation of toxins out of the body
• Improves blood flow to the surrounding tissues

Hot stone massage works by using the heat from the stones to help rid the muscles of toxic waste products, which build up from daily stress and lifestyle habits. Stiff joints benefit from the penetrating heat, making this an excellent choice after exercise or any physical work. Hot stone therapy is also used to help relieve stress, depression, and PMT.

The whole treatment is both relaxing and revitalising and promotes wellbeing and good health.

Introductory Offer!!

Relax in True Style for 1 hour with the benefits of Hot Stone Massage

2 for 1 OFFER!!

Pay a special price of only $95 for your Hot Stone Massage and receive a 2nd hot stone massage absolutely FREE!! (normally valued at $115!)

Keep it for yourself or share the feeling of hot stone massage with someone else.

Offer closes this week only

Sound good! Our special offer is  just for this week only... But hurry and secure your appointment as we have only limited vacancies!

For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.

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