Why Jocks 'n Socks Just Won't Cut It For Father Day This Year


Introducing "Shave" from Dermalogica


For the first time, skin can meet razor with no fear of irritation, redness, razor bumps or burn. Dermalogica Shave's exclusive three-step regimen is the first in the industry to take into account beard type, hair growth pattern and skin condition for a shave that actually delivers the healthiest skin possible.



Instead…what about our Man Makeover Valued at $292 for Just $129!!


Hi there,


It’s Michelle here from Northmead Beauty Therapy. 


Seriously… can you really imagine his eyes lighting up with joy when he wakes up to yet another pair of socks, a new pair of boxer shorts, or – hold your breath! – even a new tie???


So here’s 5 great things that’ll make him feel like

Sean Connery (only not as old!) in 2 hours…and delight you for weeks!


The complete “Deep Cleanse” skin overhaul Facial (yes, the one Brad Pitt has!)    

PLUS, completely free…

ü    1 Hour 1 Hour Hot Stone Massage      normally $115.00          FREE

ü    Tingling Scalp Massage           normally $15.00 FREE

ü    Sexy Eyebrow Tidy                   normally $22.00 FREE


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New “Shave Kit”         valued at $65 FREE


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The NEW Shave range is ideal!!


Northmead – 9890 7444


This package not suitable?? - check out our Daddy Day Spa Packages


PS: Oh, don’t forget our Guarantee – if your Favourite Dad doesn’t come out of here raving about his Man Makeover, I’ll refund your entire monies, no questions asked!


PPS: Ooops, almost forgot…if you call with your credit card details, I’ll express post your Man Makeover Gift Voucher and Kit to you – so HE doesn’t get to see it until Father’s Day!

Dermalogica was founded in 1986 on the belief that proper skin care is a critical component on a healthy lifestyle, and when skin is in its healthiest state it looks its best.  Driven by research and education, Dermalogica products are developed by The International Dermal Institute, the world's leading authority on education for skin care professionals.

 Shaving impacts skin health; ingrown hairs, irritation and redness are just some of the visible signs of trauma your skin undergoes when you take a razor to it.  There is no reason why men should not have a great shave and healthy skin.  As such, the International Dermal Istitute has researched and devloped a system of products specifically designed to deliver skin health and an improved shave.

The Dermalogica Shave System consists of dual-action products hat deliver a super-close shave and the ultimate in skin health.  It begins with signature products customized for your skin.  It continues with distinctive ingredients tailroed to meet beard growth needs.  It ends with a smooth, close, irritation-free shave, and better-looking skin.  Skin looks better, feels better and suffers less from the common problems associated with shaving.

what happens when skin is shaved?

Simply put, shaving is a form of mechanical exfoliation.  Shaving triggers a high level of visible irriation and can serve as a form of over-exfoliation as well as lead to a compromised lipid barrier.  When the skin's lipid barrier is compromised, there is an increase in moisture loss, which leads to dry, scaly, cracked skin, and a sensitized skin condition.

Skin dryness can increase skin's suspectibility to a various number of shaving concerns, including ingrown hairs, razor bumps, razor burn and sensitivity.

the top 3 shaving concerns

1. ingrown hairs

2. razor burn

3. tough, heavy beards

 did you know that most men learnt how to shave from their dads, and him from his dad....

shaving with the grain

In addition to using the coorect prodtcs for skin condition and beard type, it is crucial to shave with the grain (the same direction as the fir shaft gorws).  The direction of the beard can be different all over the face, and will most likely be completely different on the neck.  Because each client will have a unique grain (facial hair) pattern, it is critical to note the grain the direction.  Wait 1 to 3 days, and then run a hand over the area of beard growth area to determine the direction of the grain.

If clients have a heavy, coarse beard, it is ok for them to shave against the grain, but only after first shaving with the grain, when the hair is shorter and less likely to curl back in on itself.

The pressure appried during the shave process is also critical to the prevention of nicks, cuts, razor burn, irritation and redness.  Applying too much pressure will not provide a close shave, it will just facilititae the removal of skin cells, leading to irritation.  Use a steady, constant motion when shaving, aiming each shave stroke around 1 to 2 inches long.

new dermalogica shave - delivering a better shave through skin health

Male clients must understand that when selecting a shaving system, the effect of products on skin is just as important to consider as a preference for gel versus cream.  And if they are truly looking to clear existing skin problems and maintain skin health in the most efficient method possible, it is necessary to do more than just shave.

did you know men use a 2 step approach already to shave - shaving cream then after- shave lotion ouch......


Cleanse skin, soften beard and minimise irritation, ingorwn hairs, nicks and cuts.

The cleansing portion of pre-shave helps remove bacteria, surface oils and debris that, if left on the skin before shaving, would impede the closness of the shave and result in an uneven shave.  The protective portion helps soften the beard while providing additional protection from the razor without impecting the closeness of the shave

when does your man shave?? after the shower?? And he cleanses his face??  In fact most men are using a 3 step approach to a shaving system right now ...

 Click HERE to see Pre-Shave Video

Clean Bar (cleanser) - $36

Daily Clean Scrub (cleanser and exfoliant) - $40

Pre-Shave Guard (lubricating skin protectant) - $30



Whether a gel, cream or water-soluble oil, skin’s natural moisture barrier must be protected during the shaving process. Shaving ingredients lift and soften the beard and protect skin from the blade without impeding razor closeness.

Click HERE to see Shave Video

Soothing Shave Cream - $26

Invigorating Shave Gel - $26

Close Shave Oil - $33

great prices for professional skin products!!!!


Application of post-shave products will cool and soothe skin while alleviating dryness, itchiness, redness, bumps and damage caused by skin-aging UV rays. 

Click HERE to see Post-Shave Video 

Post-Shave Balm - $38

Daily Defense Block SPF15 - $52


the baby boomer generation is leading the world male skin care charge - they still want to look as great as they did in their 20's.


what makes the dermalogica shave system better than other chemist or supermarket store products?


The Dermalogica Shave system , like all Dermalgoica products is free of the common ingredients found in skin care products that can contribute to skin irritation, sensitizatin and an overall decline in skin health.  And when skin isn't at its healthiest, this makes it all the more difficult to achieve a close shave without discomfort.


Most foams and gels bought in supermarkets are completely synthetic, which is not good for the skin.  Also, to soften the beard, many supermarket store brands are high in alkali, which causes sensitivity and dryness.  Dermalogica Shave products unlike ingredients such as essential oils to help soften and lift the beard without disturbing the skin's natural balance.


Introductory Offer


Simply click here to complete our new Shave Mapping consult form to help determine which Dermalogica Shave products are right for your skin condition and beard growth.  Complete the form and receive a voucher for 20% OFF your next Dermalogica purchase which includes a Shave product.


The brief questionnaire is simple - you can fill it out on behalf of someone - great gift idea for Fathers Day.  Click here for Shave Mapping.


Whats right for your man?? let us help you!

The perfect gift for any new age man on Fathers Day


For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.

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