Get Ready! Get Set! Its Spring!

 “I Was Soooo Looking Forward to Shedding My Winter Shoes and Putting On Some Fabulous New Summer Ones...

and Then I Looked at My LEGS and FEET...!”




Here’s How You Can Have Beautiful Legs and/or Feet for Spring AND Receive a

Free Gift Valued at $24.95   

(First 20 clients to book)




I felt the warm touch of spring the other day, and thought “it’s time to dust off the sandals and get ready for summer...”  And then I thought “EEEEK! My legs! My feet!


Spring’s just wonderful, but there’s no way I’m going to expose MY legs or feet without some serious fancy footwork first! And I figured ‘well, if I’m thinking like that, maybe my salon clients are thinking the same!’

So I’ve put together a great spring offers for you, so you don’t get that ‘aahhhh, no way I’m going to expose those legs and feet to the world!’ feeling.


It’s called our;


'Show Your Legs' Makeover

Full Leg Exfoliation - to get rid of those dry, dead winter skin cells - value $40

1/2 leg wax - hair free legs after you winter growth!! - value $28

Spray Tan on your legs - to make your legs look great - value $25

Caron Self Tanning Lotion - to prolong the life of your tan at home- value $24.95


Thats $117.95 value for only $37.95 - save a massive $80!!


Book Online NOW!


or the


‘Show Those Toes’ Makeover

Full Set of Gel Toes

Foot Spa - soak and sanitise those tired feet - FREE

Foot exfoliation - to get rid of those dry, dead winter skin cells - FREE

Foot Massage - relax and unwind - FREE

Foot Parrafin Masque - in depth hydration FREE


Thats $115 value for only $60 - save another $55 saving!!


Book Online NOW!


Normally a deluxe spa pedicure at Northmead beauty Therapy is $55 – but for this special offer I’ve decided to add it to the new gel toes valued at $60 – FREE.


So you get a full Show Those Toes pedicure and a full set of gel toenails – a total value of $115 - for just $60


But be Quick!


We’ve only set aside each these special offers for the first 20 of our special clients who book their 'Show Your Legs' makeover or the ‘Show Those Toes’ pedicure makeover.



Appointments MUST be made online ONLY for these special offers

Make your appointment NOW


This offer is only available to our exclusive email list.


Don’t be embarrassed on the next warm day and you go to put on those lovely sandals – wouldn’t you rather step out into spring with the confidence of knowing your legs and feet look fabulous? So don’t online now so we can book you a place for a little pamperingJ.






PS: Ooops...make that 19 places available at this special of our clients got wind of the offer and booked just then!




For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.

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