Ever wish you could have all the beauty treatments you ever wanted, whenever you wanted, regardless of how much money is in your purse?


A FREE $50 Gift For You – when you accept this invitation to spend less at Northmead Beauty Therapy…


“Never feel like this again”


“Forget gym memberships, here’s one membership you will love to use”


Ever wish you could have all the beauty treatments you ever wanted, whenever you wanted, regardless of how much money is in your purse?  Ever wanted a movie star budget to spend on all the pampering you could wish for? Of course, which one of us hasn’t wanted all those things? Well now you can!



Hi, it’s Michelle here from Northmead Beauty Therapy and I am pretty excited about our exclusive membership program.



Two years ago we commenced this exclusive programme and several clients have benefited.  Some of these clients have since moved out of the area leaving a limited opportunity for YOU to join our exclusive membership programme. You have the opportunity to become an exclusive member of your very own salons. But… (there is always a but) only the first 16 people to respond will have this opportunity.  This letter is going our to all our 3648 clients and so guaranteed by the time you finish reading this eletter those smart people quick to respond by email will have taken the limited 16 spots.  We say smart because only silly people would not grab this opportunity!


Read quickly…and then reply email with "I want a membership" to hold your membership.


How can I be one of the exclusive 16 members you ask? It’s simple!  For the rest of September only –11 days and counting or until sold out, we are offering Bronze, Silver and Gold Memberships at Northmead Beauty Therapy.  As a member you can come in whenever you like (only Saturday’s are excluded – we like to save them for brides) and have whatever service you like, depending on which membership you choose, and not pay a centYou can come in everyday for a year, for a minute, an hour, or a day!  You will feel like a kid in the worlds biggest candy shop and hopefully become a “beauty salon junkie”. 



When you choose to become a Bronze, Silver or Gold member at Northmead Beauty you pay the set fee up front or by instalments.  Then for the entire year (until 31/10/09) you can have whatever you like in that package for FREE.  There is absolutely no limit to the amount you can have, only the category.



As you can see, this is an amazing offer for the first 16 quick clients to snabble this opportunity.  Why would we do this you ask?  Because we are guaranteed to keep you as a client for the next 12 months and when your friends notice how well groomed you are (and that you look years younger from all your free facial treatments) they will want to visit us too.  Why only 16 memberships? We have calculated that is the maximum number of client’s we can look after under this program as we already have clients continuing on year after year on his exclusive programme.


So which membership is for you and what do they cost?  Lets have a look; 


1. Gold Membership costs $4,800.00.

The best of the bunch, because you get unlimited access to all the salons services.  Enjoy our full range of waxing, tinting, manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, eye treatments, facials, body treatments, skin peels, massage, make-up and tanning services.


You pay nothing all year and so can come as often as you like.  Your membership costs less than $93 a week.  Money well spent to have a Hollywood beauty lifestyle.


Book your waxing and finish with a pedicure.  Have your nails done and then a facelift in a lunch hour.  Have a whole course of AHA facials and mix it up with some skin peels.  Enjoy a relaxing massage and mud treatment.  You choose whatever you like, when you like.



Have a look at this example.  Even if you were only coming in once a month, for a massage, body treatment, skin peel, make-up, artificial or natural nails and your monthly waxing you will save $5832.00.


The more you come the more you will save.

Example 1.

12 Facials            $1020

12 Acrylic Nails      $720

12 Manicures          $420

12 Pedicures          $540

12 Massages           $840

12 Skin Peels         $660

12 Body Wraps         $1020

12 Make Ups           $660

12 Month waxing       $3432

Grand Total $10,632.00. 

There are strictly only 3 Gold Club Memberships offered.



2. Silver Membership costs only $3,000.00.


Silver Membership automatically entitles you to full use of the salons facial and body treatment services.  Have what ever you like from AHA & BHA skin peels, eye lift treatments, deep pore cleansing facials, retreat facials, body massage and wrap treatments and Dermalogica skin treatments absolutely free.


Come when it suits you, during the day or after work when you can relax while hubby looks after the kids.  It works out to be less than $58 a week, not bad to look ten years younger than your friends


As an added bonus you will receive unlimited use of the salon’s make-up services. (YoungBlood Mineral Makeup Range in stoe October 2008)  Free tuition’s to teach you how to apply your make-up, or why not get your make-up done for special occasions.  Hot date on a Friday night – let us do you up!


Have a look at this example. Even if you were only coming in once a month for a massage, body treatment, skin peel, make-up you will save $2520.00.


Come more often to save even more.


Example 1.

12 Facials            $1020

12 Massages           $840

12 Skin Peels         $660

12 Body Wraps         $1020

12 Make Ups           $660


Grand Total $5520.00. 

There are strictly only 8 Silver Club Memberships offered. 



3. Bronze Membership costs only $2,500.00.


Bronze Membership automatically entitles you to full use of all the salons waxing and tinting services.  Come as often as you like and enjoy any combination that you like. 


Receive all your body waxing (legs, arms, underarms, bikinis, XXX, back, chest etc) as well as any facial waxing (eyebrows, lip, chin, face, etc) absolutely free.  You can also enjoy all our tinting services free. 


Your membership works out to be less than $49 week, not bad for all the waxing and tinting you could want in a year.  As an added bonus, when you join you will also receive unlimited spray tan services free.  Be smooth and sun-kissed all year round.  That’s an added value of $2000.00.


Have a look at this example.  Even if you were only coming in once a month for the bare essentials of waxing & tinting you will save $1532.00


Enjoy smooth, sun-kissed skin all year round.  Even better, the more you come the more you save.

Example 1.

12 Leg Waxes          $600

12 Bikini Waxes       $252

12 Underarm Waxes     $192

12 Lip Waxes          $144

12 Chin waxes         $180

12 Eye Brow Shapes    $240

12 Brow Tints         $180

12 Eyelash Tints      $216

3 solariums per week  $2028

Grand Total $4032.00. 

There are strictly only 5 Bronze Memberships offered.


Remember, these memberships are only available to the first 16 clients to purchase them.  Pay by cheque, credit card, cash, or paypal.  Even better use your tax return and make Kevy pay.


The upfront payment a little overwhelming?  Reply by email "I want a membership" to hold your membership and Michelle may be able to arrange an instalment system.


I’m sure you’ll instantly see why joining as an exclusive member is something you do not want to miss out on.  Reply today as there are strictly no rain checks once the memberships are gone they are gone.  We know that clients who miss this opportunity will be disappointed. Don’t let it be you!


Simply reply email with "I want a membership" to hold your membership immediately (as long as there are some left).


So in closing, thank you for taking the time to read this eletter.  Don’t however waste time reading it twice, reply email and get a membership you will love using time and time and time and time again.



Kind Regards,



P.S.  Ask yourself one question.  Why wouldn’t I want to join, when I will be one of 16 lucky people to have an unlimited beauty budget? Plus you get your free $50 Dermalogica Gift.


P.S.S.  If you are not completely satisfied with your membership simply let us know within 30 days and we will happily refund your money less the services you enjoyed in that 30 days.


P.S.S.S  We guarantee as a member you will continue to receive the most professional, up-to-date advice and the best service and treatments.  We are unquestionably the best at what we do in the Parramatta/Hills area and we look forward to being able to offer you “Hollywood Treatment” without you spending another cent.


Ever wondered we offer member prices on our price list then??

The centre also offers a salon one membership programme entitling you to discounted prices on products and services.  Want more information?? <<CLICK HERE>>




For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.

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