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7 Ways To Have
A Productive Day!


1. Plan your day

2. Enough sleep

3. Use small amounts of time effectively. Take reading material with you. Read a newsletter article while waiting to see your next appointment.

4. Read and respond to emails at set times then turn the computer off!

5. Say no often

6. Exercise daily and eat healthy

7. Do what you do best and delegate or outsource the rest.

Look After Your
Skin This Spring.


Your skin may become dryer than normal at this time of the year due to the change in weather. So here is a spring promotion to get you through and looking great!

“Sublime Personalised Skincare For YOUR Skin Only…At An Affordable Price”

Introducing …The Essentials Skincare Package


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Simply purchase a Dermalogica Exfoliant, Moisturiser and a most importantly a SPF30+ Sheer Moisturiser that best suits your skin type for only $221 and you’ll receive $380 of value including a FREE Super Hydrating Facial valued at $95 and a FREE Cleanser valued at $50


You’ll receive 4 products of your choice…

ü    Exfoliant 75ml/g - RRP up to $78

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FREE  Super Hydrating Facial -Valued at $95

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Introducing …The Ultimate Skincare Package

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Simply purchase the Ultimate skincare pack with 7 customised Dermalgoica products including a FREE Eye Cream valued at $67 for only $392 and you’ll receive $592 of value and a FREE Super Hydrating Facial valued at $95….. 

You’ll receive…….


ü   Cleanser 250ml - RRP $50

ü   Toner 250ml – RRP up to $56

ü   Exfoliant 75ml/g - RRP up to $78

ü   Moisturiser 50ml – RRP up to $65

ü   Mask 75ml – RRP up to $64

ü   Booster/Serum 30ml – RRP up to $96

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FREE  Super Hydrating Facial -Valued at $95


YOU PAY…ONLY $392 (SAVE $180)


WARNING……VALID TILL October 31st 2008 ONLY!


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“Just Starting Out? Get this

Wicked 5-Step Skincare Pack For

 Coming in And Enjoying A Facial”


Introducing …The Skincare Starter pack


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Simply book and prepay a Dermalogica Deluxe Facial valued at $115 and you’ll receive a FREE starter pack valued at $65 and a FREE hands and feet oil & salt scrub

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You’ll receive…….


ü    Deluxe Facial – Valued at $115


ü    FREE  Starter pack - RRP $65


ü    FREE  Hands/Feet Scrub - RRP $20










31st 2008 ONLY!







*Not valid with Agesmart or Medibac Specialty Ranges

Important Dates

You must make your bookings now or you may miss out.

• Melbourne Cup Day 6 – 11- 2008

• Christmas 25 – 12 – 2008

Top 3 Secret Treatments To Looking Good

Facial – 1 per month for maintenance or for results 1 per week

Body Treatment – 1 per week for results

Waxing - 1 per month for maintenance


Remember to get your rebate on your remedial sports massage. Have a massage with Scott, and you may be able to receive rebates from your health fund. Make sure you check with your Health Care provider.

10 Year Celebration

Save this date!

Monday 27th October

5.30pm start – 8pm

10th Birthday Celebration!!

After years of servicing the people of the Parramatta/Hills area, the verdict is our clients think we’re great, and so do we! To celebrate our success the team invite you to join us at our upcoming 10th birthday celebration.

Enjoy a complementary Face Map from a Dermalogica representative, a 15 minute talk on whats new in the beauty industry commencing at 6.30pm, the launch of the fabulous Youngblood Mineral makeup including FREE makeovers, FREE gift bags, amazing discounts off Dermalogica, EmerginC & Youngblood products and specials only available on this evening, finger food and drinks while waiting for the highly anticipated decision…Who will be crowned this year’s “Donald Trumps Apprentice of the Year!”

Book your tickets now! This event will be very popular so don’t delay!  It’s our chance to celebrate! Join us!

Tickets cost: $20 booking fee that is then redeemable on any purchases on the evening and can be purchased now at:

10 Year Celebration Booking Form
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First Name*
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or by calling: 9890 7444




Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics!!!!


we would like you to join us for an exclusive event


when: Monday 27th October


time: 5.30pm start – 8pm


cost: $20 booking fee that is then redeemable on any purchases on the evening.


our event will include:

·        Face MappingSM with a Dermalogica Representative

·        Launch of Youngblood Mineral Makeup including FREE makeover

·        FREE Gift Bag

·        Spend over $150 and receive further FREE gifts

·        Amazing discounts on all products and gift vouchers on the evening

·        Help us celebrate 10 years in Northmead

 We invite everyone to come along and find out how and what we can do for you. Ask all your questions, everyone who attends will receive a free goodies, valued at up to $250!

It will be a fun and informative night for all. Please call to reserve your seat. Limited seats are available and a $20 booking fee applies, but this is redeemable for products or treatments booked on the night.

RSVP: 24/10/08 - 9890 7444

Make a positive change to your beauty today.

Health Watch
How does the skin age?
A scientific perspective.

Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging procedures are very much on the fore front of scientific research and aesthetic treatment formulations as technology and science join forces to identify ways of making us look younger.

This article will examine the factors that effect aging and how the cells of our body and skin respond to the process and the changes that occur.

By understanding these changes it empowers you as a client to make good, educated decisions on what you want for your skin. The Effect Of Aging On The Skin The aging skin is easily recognizable due to following characteristics:

Loss of elasticity

Sagging jowls

Appearance of wrinkles

Appearance of parchment like skin

There are two main processes of skin aging: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic Aging is involuntary and reflects the genetic background of the person and is therefore inevitable, whereas extrinsic aging is caused by external factors ie sun expos ure, poor nutrition, smoking and alcohol, plus many other things. Extrinsic aging is the result of premature aging – most common of which is sun exposure. Always try to wear protective clothing such as a wide brimmed hat, long sleeves and swim suits made from fabrics that deflect the harmful sun. Always wear a sunscreen that is broad spectrum based (UVA and UVB) and has a built in sun protector of a minimum of SPF 15+. The Dermalogica Waterproof Solar Spray SPF25 for everyone face in the family. Apply it 20 mins before going out into the sun and then continue every two hours, or as required.

Other factors that are related to extrinsic aging are poor health and inadequate nutrition, substance abuse such as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, varying degrees of subjective stress and poor problems leading to kyphsosis (spinal problems). Additionally, continual repetition of facial expressions lead to the development of wrinkling, and lack of exercise leads to poor health which is evident in and aging person. There are numerous signs of photo-aging (sun damage) that are fundamentally related to a persons skin colour and more importantly the persons exposure to the sun.

Unfortunately, brown skin is thought of as ‘healthy’ by a white skinned persons standards, this results in the beginning of a major health risk by the person wanting the ‘healthy’ look. Aging is apparent in ones skin through the manifestations of telagiectasia, skin wrinkling, leather like skin, lentigenosis and hyper-pigmentation. Collagen in the dermis becomes calcified leading to deep lines and furrows and wrinkling of the superficial skin. Comprehensive recommendations for sun protection to prevent premature aging caused by the sun include: Avoid deliberate sun tanning

Avoid the sun when it is at its hottest during the day between 10 and 4.

Extremes of environmental conditions – cold / hot, leads to the loss of trans-epidermal water loss, which leads to the skin becoming dehy drated and dry as well as poor sleeping habits and habitual specific sleeping positions for years “sleeplines”. The good news it that extrinsic aging can be controlled with help from yourself and your beauty therapist. You can delay this aging with self control, personal choice and the use of good daily skin care.

The aging dermis has the following characteristics marked by the changes in collagen production as well as the development of cross linkages of elastin fiber. This leads to the appearance of the dermis ‘becoming thinner and translucent’. The collagen in the elderly is seen as thickened fibers that appear to be larger and courser wrinkles. This is due to the loss in bonding strength between the epidermis and the dermis, leading to the wrinkling of the skin.

Loss of skin elasticity and resiliency increase with aging. This is due to the fact that the aging elastic fibers undergo the chemical process of cross-linkages and become somewhat calcified in this proc ess. The external appearance of cross-linkages is seen as aging skin. Other changes in the dermis layer of the skin reflect the gradual atrophy of the sudoriferous glands and the sebaceous glands, resulting in mature skin becoming dryer and scalier. Aging skin loses its ability to retain water and therefore susceptible to becoming dryer in low humidity environments.

As we become older it also becomes more difficult to regulate our body temperature and therefore we are more effected by heat exhaustion.

Why Do I Have?:

Grey Hair : Decrease in the number and activity of the hair follicles as well as the gradual loss of pigment in the hair. Thickening and development of ridges on nails: Due to the increasing deposition of calcium as well as loss of sensitivity to touch.

What is the answer?!

Protection against environmental aging: the use of sunscreens for sun protections. Supported by Dermalogica Solar Defence System that also give the skin added support against solar aging. Should be our first line of defense.

Protection against transdermal water loss: ensuring appropriate hydration levels will enhance the skin and retain its youthful appearance. In fact, if the skin is dehydrated this will compromise the skins ability to absorb and respond as effectively to your rejuvenation treatments. Therefore, maintaining optimum hydration levels in the skin is paramount to the success of your treatments.

Exfoliation: As the skins exfoliation process slows down with aging, effective remo val of dead skin through appropriate means such as Pelactiv peels, will support the skins renewal process and allow for better penetration of active ingredients.

Support collagen production: As collagen is the building block of the skin and responsible for keeping the skin dense and firm, procedure that stimulate collagen production and support its integrity should also be at the cornerstone of any treatment that addresses skin aging.

Ask your therapist to help tailor face and body treatments to ensure you are taking the best care of your face and body.


 Do You know anyone passionate about the beauty industry??  We are celebrating 10 years and currently have job opportunities at our centre <<CLICK HERE>> for more information.


For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.

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