Achieve A Perfect Flawless Complexion Every Day



Always wonder why some womens makeup looks hot and sexy... but you look like your 5 year old daughter did your makeup!


Or you can’t be bothered spending half an hour or more, in front of the mirror every morning!  Don’t worry. You’re not alone and it’s definitely not your fault!


Northmead Beauty Therapy has Your makeup solution!


Stockists of


What will happen will rock your world, as it has for many other clients:


Stockist of;


                                                  BEFORE                                                              AFTER


I Feel More Confident & Beautiful!

"I found the make up good and easy to do. I did it myself, a big difference, I feel more confident & beautiful!"



Turned Me Into A Princess

"Thank you for turning me into a princess, with gratitude."



“You’re Just Moments Away From Discovering The Ultimate ‘Secret Weapon’ To Achieving A Perfect Flawless Complexion Every Day… And What’s More, There’s No Learning Curve, It’s Easy, With Our Simple… Three Step Technique…”


Dear Make-up Lover,


If you’re like me and love make-up, then you’re always looking for something easier, quicker to use & longer lasting!


So, please let me tell you more…


Youngblood mineral make up, is the purest form of make up you can use. Minerals come from nature & are mined from the earth’s surface. They are blended together to form beautiful colours for you to use on your face or body. Mineral make up isn’t new – Egyptian women apparently used minerals to paint their skin over 2000 years ago. So why is the beauty world suddenly heaping praise on these natural pigments? Advances in technology means ‘cakey’ natural compounds, such as mica, iron oxide & titanium oxide, can now be crushed into a fine, silky powder. The result is a personalized light-medium-full coverage foundation that feels light on the skin.  It’s a great anti-aging tool because it works like an eraser – all the blemishes & age spots just disappear! When it comes to longevity Youngblood Mineral make up doesn’t dissolve in water or oil so, once applied, it seldom requires touch ups & won’t slide off your skin on a hot day! At the end of the day it’s easy to remove with your usual cleanser. A little goes a long way & it’s so easy to apply.


But before I get ahead of myself here, what’s going down this month? Plenty!


Northmead Beauty Therapy  has put together another fabulous offer: A special gift to YOU…


Simply book a FREE Professional Make-up & Consult – valued at $55 with one of our Northmead Beauty Therapy make-up experts today and learn the ‘Secret Three Steps’ to a Flawless complexion everyday!


That’s right it’s absolutely FREE!


But hurry we’ve only limited vacancies!


Step 1. SWIRL a small amount . . .

Step 2. TAP away excess . . .

Step 3. BUFF  Youngblood mineral make up . . .

LESS IS MORE when applying  Youngblood Mineral Makeup.


At Northmead Beauty Therapy our make-up experts will give you an exceptional creative service that'll blow you friends and family away when they see your finished make-up. We suggest any special occassion where you want the WOW factor, you should consider Northmead Beauty Therapy, to give you that sexy, sophisticated, edgy but natural look.

All our professional make-up artists use our very own "Youngblood" Mineral Make-up which is renowned for its quality and texture and considerd to be on a par with products such as Chanel. Our team will work with you one on one, to give you a complete makeover that'll have your family and friends 'green with envy'.


HOW Northmead Beauty Therapy Can HELP YOU...


1. We start by seeing what colour foundation will suit your skin tone, not your hands, but your face.


2. We check what colour your eye’s are with the eye chart. Also, what shape eye you have (this is important!)  Then we show  you exactly where to put makeup on to suit your eyes.


3. We choose your eye colours and show you how to put them on. We do one side first, so you can see the difference from one side to the other and you’ll see that with a few quick tricks, that your eye’s, open up, look brighter, healthier and sensational, or even smoldering if that’s what you desire!


Everyone Will Be Admiring How Stunning You Look!!!


Yes, a few quick tips and in eight minutes, you can look fully made up and stunning every day! Then everyone will be admiring your makeup and wondering why you’re looking so fantastic!


“To Secure Your FREE Make-Up Consult, Valued at $55… Please reply email “yes please” to Book You In NOW… or Simply Call 9890 7444 Now!”


But Hurry, We’ve Only Limited Vacancies… Offer Ends 30th November 2008!


Look what our clients are saying:

“I Love It! The Consult was Excellent and it looks & feels fabulous on! HIGHLY RECOMMEND… ”

Tanya Buchanan – Baulkham Hills


“Love the products! Superb Quality & well priced! I would definitely recommend Youngblood to anyone of any age.”

Kylie Noble - Winston Hills


Stockists of;


                                                             BEFORE                                        AFTER


Former Parramatta Eels Player & Sydney Promotions Manager . .

Prove That Passion, Generosity & Empathy, Are The Key Ingredients . . .

To The Continued Success of Northmead Beauty Therapy. . .


On the 27th October 2008 (really the 7th)… Northmead Beauty Therapy celebrated it’s 10th birthday and we have a special thank you to ALL our clients that over the years have supported us and watched us grow.  When Michelle and Dallas started Northmead Beauty Therapy all those years ago, we knew that our working class backgrounds would hold us in good stead to compete in the competitive beauty industry. To create a haven where YOU could always come to get pampered and be treated with respect & receive excellent ‘customer service’. Although the dynamics of Northmead Beauty Therapy have changed over the years, we’ve stayed true to our belief that the YOU (the customer) are the most important person in our business. And yes its also true, without the our wonderful team, Northmead Beauty Therapy would not have that welcoming feel of which we are very proud.


We believe our passion for the Beauty Industry and Empathy for YOU the client, sets us apart from other businesses and we’re looking forward to improving Northmead Beauty Therapy to deliver the best service we possibly can for years to come.


Moving on...


“To Secure Your FREE Make-Up Consult, Valued at $55… Book In NOW…  Simply Call 9890 7444 Now!...even leave a message”


Book Online HERE


SPECIAL NOTE; Melbourne Cup Day is our Annual Picnic Day so the centre will be closed all day Tuesday.  We will resume normal trading on Wednesday at 9am


For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.

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