Valentines Day 2009

Let's All Chip in and help our fellow Aussies in Victoria's worst natural disaster...??

"We'll Donate $50 of Each Valentines Gift Voucher Package Sold, In The Next 72 hrs, And Match It With Another $50 Out of Our Own Pockets"

I'm sure you'll all agree our hearts go out to all those affected by the Victorian Bushfires. It certainly brings you back to earth and makes you grateful for everything we have in our lives, when you see the absolute devastation it's caused!

At Northmead Beauty Therapy we'd like to help as much as we can and have decided to donate $50 from each Valentines package sold in the next 72 hrs to help the bushfire appeal. (We'll even match it with $50 out of our own pockets)

This is certainly not a gimmick and we'll prove it. We'll send you a copy of the cheque and receipt we personally write as proof!

And it'll be from all the Northmead Beauty Therapy family and friends.

There's NO RESTRICTIONS ON NUMBERS now, we just want to raise as much money as we can in the next 72 hours to help out those that have lost everything!

Simply purchase one of the following great offers online below or call 9890 7444



Important News for Men Aged 16 - 86…

Advice to Men who have ever forgotten Valentine’s Day… from a Man

Hi, my name’s Rob. This is a picture of me last Valentine’s Day.

Look, you understand, right? You’re a guy, and for guys, stuff like Valentine’s Day…well, if we’re really honest with ourselves, it’s just another day.  (I know, that’s supposed to be a secret.)

But women are different.

You know what I mean. They’re into feelings, and relationships, and emotional stuff.

(Hey buddy, that’s just the way things are. Get over it.)

So what does all this have to do with you? I’m glad you asked, ‘cos I’m gonna tell ya.

It’s about the terrible things that can happen if you ignore Valentine’s Day.

Which is what I did only last year, and you’re in danger of doing this year.

Here’s what can happen…

Last year, I didn’t exactly ignore Valentine’s Day…I just didn’t…well, pay it much attention.

Sure, in the morning when I woke up, I gave my girl a kiss. Wished her ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, even gave her a little gift, something I’d picked up in a hurry on the way home from work the night before.

And off I went, for another day.

Big Mistake!

Boy, it was like I’d just had a big smelly heap of cow manure dumped on the front lawn.

For literally days afterwards, I got the treatment. Fact is, I would have been warmer spending a week in the cool room at the supermarket down the street.

Here’s how you’ll know you’re in Big Trouble.

It’s when you ask her, three or four days after Valentine’s Day,

“Hon, what’s the matter?” and she says….

“Nothing’s the matter!!”

That’s when you know things are really serious.

So this year, I’m taking out some

Peace of Mind Insurance!

I just discovered something that’s guaranteed to turn me into a Knight in Shining Armour!

Don’t Panic – Here’s the #1 Valentine’s Day Present… and it’s 100% Money-Back Guaranteed to Delight Her!


Why are our Gift Vouchers voted the

#1 Valentine’s Day Gift?  

Because we 100% money-back guarantee she’ll love the gorgeous treatments she chooses from her gift voucher…

or we’ll happily refund your money in full.

It’s the pressie guaranteed to please both you

 and her (wink wink) … and it’s easy to buy.


I learned my lesson. Women are different. So this year, I’ve found something she’ll absolutely love. It’s called the

“Valentine Rejuvenation Package”

$260 worth of amazing beauty treatments for only $139

 Here’s what she gets:

*  Combining the benefits of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy and strokes of massage using heated basalt stones, a 1 hour Hot Stone Massage will warm you, and your muscles back to a state of relax and tranquility.  (value $115)


*   Professional Skin Analysis - (valued $65 FREE)

*   Professional Make-up & Consult – (valued at $55 FREE)


Only 27 “Valentine Rejuvenation” packages available – PLUS the first 11 bookings  will receive a BONUS $25.00 in-salon voucher absolutely FREE!

Here’s what YOU Get: a personalized, beautifully-packed Gift Voucher with her name on it, delivered to you – wherever you want – PLUS the look of absolute delight on her face when you present it to her on Valentine’s Day. And that’s priceless!

Valentine Rejuvenation Package Gift Voucher

BUY NOW $139    


PS: Remember, we only have 27 of these packages available. First in-best dressed. Oh, and our Guarantee: “If she’s not absolutely delighted, your money back!”

VOTEDCall us at Northmead Beauty Therapy now to order  a Gift Certificate for any amount you choose.

CALL NOW 9890 7444


gift giving is made easy with this range of gift ideas.

Limited edition items are only available while stocks last.



Back By Popular Demand

Voted #1 2008 Best Buy

How YOU can get $401 of "gorgeous" beauty treatments for just $99


even $839 of "Oh So Fine" beauty treatments for just $269?


Click HERE for more info








Does your man look like he’s travelled 50,000km lately, is his tread a little bare, is he leaking a little oil, maybe he’s getting a bit rusty around the edges…


Here’s how you can turn your rust bucket in to your DREAM MACHINE

with the 50,000km Service Package, valued at $215 for only $99


Has your guy got a bit comfortable, has he let himself go a bit, yeah he’s happy but - you know - its Valentine’s day and you want that hubba hubba hunk of love to be in fine form just for you. 

This Valentine ’s Day you can hand him the gift that you’ll BOTH enjoy – he’ll be returned to you buffed and waxed back in to pristine condition in no time – back in to your very own dream machine!

So get your man in to gear and race him in to Northmead Beauty Therapy to get his

50,000km Service Package

·         Nuts & Bolts 30 min back massage              (valued at $50)

·         Buff & Wax Facial                                         (valued at $75)

·         Head Repair Massage                                   (valued at $25)

·         Hands & Feet detailed                                   (valued at $65)

·         Your very own dream machine                    priceless

That’s right you pay only $99 for $215 of spa services

– you save $116


50,000km Service Package Gift Voucher

 BUY NOW $99    



Warning – Ladies, due to high demand there are only 27 Service Packages available, so pick up the phone and book a package for your man NOW! We’ll fast-post you the (manly looking) Gift Certificate to hand him on the special day. 

Call Now 9890 7444


For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.

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