Shock! Horror! I've Gone Away To A Conference And Forgot My Makeup!

Shock! Horror! I’ve gone away to a conference and forgot my makeup!


I went to the city for a conference for the weekend... you know what you do, “Have I got everything?” Yep, just wanting to get away early so I could have some R&R Friday afternoon. We got there and unpacked everything and whoops... I’ve forgotten my makeup, everyone knows I own a Beauty Salon and I’ve got no makeup! Not Good!


Oh well I’ll just go and do some “market research” in Sydney and get some NEW makeup down town how hard can it be... I’m a makeup artist, I've been advising clients for 15 years on how to put their makeup on and what colours are going to make them look like a million dollars, plus look 10 years younger! Easy right? WRONG!


Tori and I went into the chemist which had a fantastic array of makeup, we counted about twelve different makeup ranges, and that’s just the main ones. Well, this was proving to be harder than I thought, then the thought just occurred to me, that I’d been using Youngblood Mineral Makeup, and was completely spoilt by how amazing this makeup is. So I asked the shop assistant for some advice, as this was all strange and new and foreign to me, she didn’t know anything about any of the makeup ranges except that they’d got in a new mineral make-up, which was supposed to be the BEST EVER. Well, I was there to do research on the other makeup companies wasn’t I... NOT!


Foundation. We wondered around testing all the foundations on my face... too pale, couldn’t see that one at all, too oily, too dry, too powdery, no coverage. I think that one made my pigmentation stick out more. The only thing I did learn, is that my daughter is fantastic at saying what doesn’t look good. Tori was comparing them to what I normally look like, and she’s just eleven, I was so proud. We’d been there for 40 minutes already and we were only at the first product, foundation. Their “best ever” product I have to say left a lot to be desired. It is one of the leading brand names in this country, well beggars can’t be choosers and it was 5:30 pm, I still had the rest to go... quickly!   What time do shops shut in Sydney anyway on Friday afternoons?


Blushers. All where “interesting” colours, so I got one nearest our Youngblood mineral blush so I didn’t look like a clown. We were being watched by this stage as we were taking soooo long I think they might have thought we were going to shop lift.


Eyebrow shadow. ALL wax based, no good, it’ll melt in heat. Well I'm in Sydney so it should be OK it’s not too hot here today.


Eye liner. I got something similar to Youngblood eyeliner pens.


Mascara. Well, black water-proof of course. You just can’t tell what you’ll get until you try it at home as there weren't any for testing.


Blusher. Picked up a sort of orange shadow for my blusher shadow on my top outer lid.


Lip Pencil. That was interesting, the shades all made my teeth look yellow.! Not good. Did you know that?


Lip Stick. Couldn’t find one, so I decided to go with one of those glitter lip glosses I’d been dying to try for ages, you know the ones that the glamorous stars look amazing in, in those “air brushed“ books?


Well, that was all I was willing to buy as all the eyeshadows where in cute compacts but with useless colours that I would never use, and I wasn’t about to buy a compact for 1 shadow while it had 5-15 other useless shadows in it and by now it was 6:20 pm! The back of my hand had all different colours of products on them, my face was all striped from the different foundations. 8 pieces of makeup and $360 later, all with no help from the shop assistants and with a lot of hope, Tori and I walked out. So much for some R&R, that was stressful!


Well like I said, I’m a makeup tech’& I looked amazing the next day with my new make up on, although it probably took nearly half an hour to get it on and looking decent. Compared to my usual 5-6 minutes!


But even though it was quite a mild day, by morning tea, I looked like a clown, my eyeliner and mascara (waterproof mind you) had run and I looked like I hadn’t slept for a month! My foundation had separated and was making me feel like an oil slick, something I hadn’t felt for a very long time. I had no lip gloss on my lips it had run past my bottom lip line and I looked like I'd had my lips grossly over pumped. My “McDonald’s Clown” eyebrows had run (of course wax melts and they are wax based). So, all day I was conscious of wiping under my eyes, patting down my foundation, smoothing my eyebrows and topping up with a $2 lip gloss.


SO EMPATHY for all you groovers out there... we didn’t know how great we have it. I have so much appreciation for Youngblood Mineral Makeup, for giving us education and the best products in the universe!





When you come into Northmead Beauty Therapy and want makeup, WE advise you on the best colour foundation, we put it on your face as that’s where it’s going isn’t it? We compare them and choose the best one that suits you. We help you choose colours that suit your skin tone and eye colour, so that you will always look youthful and beautiful. You only buy the colours that suit you and then you clip them in your personalized compact, that has  everything in it that will suit you. Lip pencils that stay on and that make sure your lipstick never bleeds onto your chin. Lipstick that is sun-proof and non drying to your lips, that stay on most of the day, actually on your lips, and don’t make your teeth look “yellow” which in turn makes you look like an “old maiden” from the middle ages.


So, this story is all about a great team, Youngblood Mineral Makeup and Northmead Beauty Therapy, and how I have taken for granted for so long what a dream product Youngblood is! Makeup that actually stays on, is such high quality and fantastically priced. (I compared what I got in Sydney  to Youngblood Mineral Makeup and I came in under $290 a $70 saving!) With a dream team, fully educated so they can be of service to you, to help you choose the right colours for you, to  show you how to apply it and to get the look you want.


And they do all this for FREE.  Visit now or phone 9890 7444 or reply email and ask for your FREE Mineral Makeup Makeover.


And so you do not have the expense of what I had for THIS WEEK ONLY, purchase any 2 Youngblood Mineral Makeup Products and receive your 3rd product at ½ price!!! Never better value!


For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.

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