Hop into Northmead Beauty Therapy and relax with our Easter Pamper Pack

Hop into Northmead Beauty Therapy and relax with our Easter Pamper Pack

Beat the recession with one and a half hours of indulgent pampering for just $99.00! Our Easter Pamper package includes:

  • Back Massage (Valued at $45)

  • Back Scrub (Valued at $40)

  • Scalp Massage FREE (Valued at $30)

  • Eyelash Tint or Eyebrow shape FREE (Valued at $22)

  • Mini Facial FREE (Valued at $60)

  • Hand Massage FREE (Valued at $30)

  • Foot Massage FREE (Valued at $30)

Total amazing value over $257.00 you pay only $99.00!


Offer expires 11/4/09 gift vouchers may be redeemed until 31/10/09 but why wait that long? CALL NOW on 9890 7444 for more great specials.




Finally get the skin of your dreams - Book a Specialty Deluxe Customised Facial (our most popular service) for $129 and we’ll treat you to:


FREE Skin Profile so we can fix all your skin concerns        Value $60

FREE Spa Manicure - a totally luxurious experience!          Value $35

FREE Stress Relieving neck & shoulder Swiss Massage     Value $30


Call now to book your Easter Special on 9890 7444



Don’t delay - due to popularity and great value this is strictly a limited offer


We Guarantee You’ll Be DELIGHTED Or Your Money Back


Client testimonial – Here’s what one of our clients recently emailed me;

Hi Michelle, I would just like to thank you for your customer care in regards to my facial. I have just come home from having my facial and am amazed already at how wonderful my skin is feeling and looking (although a little red).  I am so happy with the results and would like to take the time to say thank you to both yourself and Belinda. Belinda was so professional and did a fantastic job and took the time and care to talk to me about the facial. I will definitely be back again and can't wait to have my next facial done at your salon. I will definitely be booking with Belinda again I would like to ask you to pass on my thanks to her.  Once again thank you very much and I look forward to continuing to have beauty treatments done at your salon.

Kathryn Stuart


"Goodbye Summer Treatment"

Valued at $145.90 ONLY $89 SAVE $56.90

  • Lactic Skin Peel - The most hydrating ingredient to refine your skin and instantly boost moisture levels. Valued at $89

  • Hydrating Ampoule treatment to immediately soften and brighten your skin valued at $15.95

  • Chromolite Ampoule treatment to help lighten unwanted pigment developed over summer valued at $25

  • Moisture Boost Mask and individual Eye Mask application valued at $15.95


Strictly the first 9 clients to book – SOLD OUT


Allow 1 Hour For Treatment.


“Please Forgive Me For I Have Been Wicked” package . . .

Valued at $598.00, Only $298, SAVE $300

For those of you who have been really bad over summer. If you are a sun bunny and have spent lots of time outside lapping up the UV rays then your punishment is just around the corner by way of wrinkles, lines, leathery and old looking skin. Let us prevent this summers skin damage showing, or fix the signs you are now seeing. One of the best value packages we have ever put together, but also very strictly limited. Package includes ;

·         Three EmerginC RadianC treatments - to REVERSE the signs of ageing, to lift sagging tissue and to ensure penetration of pure strength vitamins, literally a face lift in an hour. NO pain, No downtime, HUGE VISIBLE results after just one treatment … but… you get three treatments. Normal Cost $387

·         Full size 12% EmerginC Vitamin C Serum to take home and use daily, to assist in collagen reproduction, pigment breakdown and overall skin clarity. Valued at $139

·         Full size Dermalogica SPF Daily Mosturiser to ensure your daily protection from UV and daily moisture boost. Valued at $72.

Very strictly the first 5 clients to purchase their package


And for those of you not quite ready to admit that Summer is gone (lets face it, there are still lots of blue skies ahead), you can enjoy our “Keep It Shining” deal that includes;


• 1/2 leg & underarm wax valued at $45

• Full body spray tan valued at $39

• Full set of gel toes (colored, not French) valued at $50

• Dermalogica Ultimate Buffing Cloth valued at $27.50


Total Value $161.50, Just $99, SAVE $62.50



To book any of these package simply call 9890 7444 NOW or replay email I want ….. or Book Online NOW


How To Spend Your $900.00
From The Government


The government have granted a gift to many people of $900.00, to inject back into the economy. Northmead Beauty Therapy can help you and your friends enjoy this once in a lifetime gift, here are a few suggestions:


Design your own package: anything on the menu. Maybe 2 massages, lunch, a facial, body wrap, manicure, pedicure . . . wow, be a queen!


You could choose some of our smaller packages or buy all your skin care or visit the Centre every day!!

You also have the option of tailoring your very own experience. Please call the centre and one of our therapists will advise you to make this the very best experience – twice the fun with a friend.


Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the Australian economy by spending your stimulus cheque wisely:

If you spend that money at Kmart, all the money will go to China .
If you spend it on petrol it will go to the Arabs.
If you purchase a computer it will go to India .
If you buy a car it will go to Japan .
If you purchase useless crap it will go to Taiwan .

And none of it will help the Australian economy.  We need to keep that money here in Australia!!!!!

You can keep the money in Australia by spending it at garage sales, going to a cricket match or footy game, or spend it on beer and wine (domestic ONLY), or your local neighbourhood shopping centre, since those are the only businesses that may still be owned by Aussies.


Easter Appointments


Be sure to get in early to make your Easter appointment – everyone always tries to get ready all at the same time! So don't be freaked out by missing your appointment.



For our lead up to Easter we have an Easter Raffle. Spend over $100 and go into the running to win over $329.00 in value. Full of great products and a great gift voucher oh, and of course there are Easter Eggs!


Road Test

Autumn is upon us. It is time to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate your skin! Now it is time to nourish our skin.


Hydra Moisture Source

For dehydrated, tight-feeling skin

This treatment is designed for dehydrated skin that is occasionally subject to flakiness (or even dry patches) and a sensation of tightness. This treatment is based on a specific mask, Hydra Moisture Source which contains Marine Polysaccharides and Seve Marine ®. A fresh & enveloping mask that encourages the active ingredients to infuse. Bathed in this optimum hydrating environment the skin becomes softer, smoother & more supple. 60 min $129;  OR THE


Algomega Warm treatment

For Dry to very Dry Skin

For all women with dry and very dry skin. This professional treatment features: the AlgoMega Extracts enriched with Amica and Bitter Aloe Extracts (soothing and regenerating), and the warm mask that forms a cocoon which gently infuses the active ingredients of the products into the heart of the skin to restructure and repair it. Relaxed and supple, your skin is radiant, nourished and replenished. It recovers an incredibly soft texture and the comfort that it was severely lacking. 60 min $129


Skin is left radiant and moist with an even complexion. Includes a hand treatment to leave the hands looking good. Ladies don’t forget that your hands give your age away! This facial is perfect for anyone over 35 years of age looking to improve the texture and hydration of their skin. Normally valued at $129 per treatment, if you buy 5 you will receive one for FREE!



Better Than Botox Facial: The benefits from this facial are outstanding!


This is the ultimate facial, it is a deep cleanse for the skin, re-hydrates the deep layers and speeds up cellular regeneration. The treatment takes 1 ¼ hours. The facial has 3 parts to it, for the eyes, face and neck. It incorporates the serenity massage which will tone and rehydrate, there by helping to prevent wrinkles.


Initially an intensive course of four treatments in a month is recommended, this should be followed by a maintenance program of 1 every month to maintain the beneficial effects. This treatment is suitable for all skin types over the age of 15. WARNING: This facial is very addictive. $129 per facial, buy 5 get one FREE!



EmerginC Peels (Deep Exfoliation) are the answer to problem skin and great for those thick, grey complexions. It is however important to note that it is suitable for all skin types. This treatment removes the build up of dead skin and stimulates action on the skin. EmerginC peels will strengthen the skin and has antibacterial properties. This will soften lines and wrinkles, through the increase of blood to collagen and elastin. This will leave your skin radiant and ultra soft.


EmerginC peels have all the benefits of lactic acid, together with citric, malic and tartaric acid, which increase the exfoliation and oxygen to the skin. Milk extracts exfoliate the dead skin cells to clear away build up of impurities, whilst it smoothes and protects the skins acid mantle. The citrus fruits or BHA’s work on the surface exfoliations. Malic and Tartaric acid exfoliates and oxygenates the cells, helping to strengthen and renew the skin.


COMMENCING WITH Northmead Beauty Therapy Thursday 16th April 2009

Mothers Day!

Don’t forget this important Day for Mum’s! Spoil her and show her how much you love her by getting her a Northmead Beauty Therapy Gift Voucher. It is something she may not spend the money on for herself, but we guarantee she wants one. Give her some time out and TLC, all Mum’s need pampering and we are experts!




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