"Raising the Bar" on Hygiene and Sanitation


Proper hygiene and sanitation have long been issues in nail salons in the United States. In response to the many "horror stories" that have appeared in the news media over the past few years, the issue is now high on the customer's radar screen. For example, celebrity advocate Paula Abdul, after suffering a serious nail infection that required hospitalization, testified before the California state legislature in 2005 to encourage the imposition of consumer safety standards in nail salons. Given the increased scrutiny, many nail salons in the United States have begun to implement at least some sanitation procedures, though consumers should still be vigilant.


With the introduction of so many "nail bars" within Australia the same "horror stories" are appearing.  As so many are introduced within our own vicinity we are only now seeing a significant increase in potential clients that we are unable to service because of infection.  Did you know that in Australia “nail bars” are not covered by the Skin Penetration Act and do not have to follow the same high standards as reputable hairdressers, beauty salons and day spas?  As a consequence, did you know that in “nail bars” only one staff member on the premises needs to be qualified?  If YOU walked into a “nail bar” for a quick fix how do YOU know which technician is even qualified???


Many products are now being illegally imported into Australia making it much cheaper to perform a service.  These products contain ingredients such as MMA amongst others which are illegal both in the United States and Australia due to associated health risks.  The saying “you get what you pay for” could not be a more true statement at present within the Australian hair, nail and beauty industry.


So in response at Northmead Beauty Therapy we leave nothing to chance when it comes to the safety, comfort and peace-of-mind of our customers. Individual manicure "kits", pedicure "kits" and acrylic nail "kits" are available, and the ongoing disinfecting of tabletops and other surfaces at point-of-service, and the key component of our hygiene and sanitation philosophy is the absence of whirlpool foot baths.


No Whirlpool Footbaths


In the United States, The Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta issued guidelines against whirlpool footbaths in 2001, identifying them as a potential breeding ground for fortuitum, a microbacterium that causes boils on the legs.  If the filters and jets in the footbath are not cleaned after each and every service, with the correct sanitisation products, serious skin infections can develop. Why take the risk? At Northmead Beauty Therapy we soak your tootsies in a modern portable air blown foot spa that's quick and easy to disinfect between customers . . . so you can relax and not worry about physical safety hazards. 


These “deluxe pedicure chairs” may look fancy BUT they are a breeding ground if not correctly cleaned.


This particular matter is now being addressed within our own Australian Beauty Industry. Expect to see more "horror stories" in the media, particularly on TV shows like Channel 7's Today Tonight.


Where do you put YOUR FEET???????





Spa Pedicure Hand and Feet Make-Over


A Pedicure like no other! Cast your cares away while you enjoy Northmead Beauty Therapy’s stunning Spa Pedicure Make-Over which will rejuvenate both the soul and the sole!

It starts with a cleansing soak, with detoxing salts. This Pedicure includes nail cuticle care to soothe, repair and strengthen you nails. Rough skin is smoothed and buffed. It is complimented with a cooling mask, then you receive a heavenly calf and foot massage that soothes your soles. This feeling is continued by a Paraffin Wax which gives a deep hydration and is a softener of the skin.

This makes any tired feet look spectacular, fresh and feel vibrant. PLUS, for that extra bling in those awesome sandals! The ultimate treat for your feet!

Can you even imagine the same again, however this time to your hands!!!  Ultimate indulgence!

Receive a

·         Deluxe Pedicure (value $55)

·         Deluxe Manicure (value $45)


* Terms And Conditions


1. A valid credit card is required to book and secure your appointments online.

2. Please ensure you are the owner of the credit card being used to book your appointment or you have the permission of the card holder to secure the booking.

3. All bookings made are non refundable – appointment times may be able to be changed based upon availability.

4. 24 Hours notice must be for change of appointment which can only be altered at managers discretion.

5. Failure to arrive later than 10 minutes for appointment date may relate appointment and credit card payment being forfeited.


WARNING: Our offer of a $100 of hand and feet services for only $49 is very limited and




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Your Smile is an Important part of your Life, and your Wedding Day, Debutante Ball or your Formal Occasion is a Special time in your Life so why not Brighten your Smile & save money on some Dental bills and Whiten your Teeth in your home.




Sparkling WHITE TEETH’ ™ is made in Australia for OzBrite Pty Ltd


Reasons why salons prefer the OzBrite Effective Teeth Whitening System


“It is lucrative, Australian made, clinically proven, and made by the same company that supplies Dentists.”


“It is the same system as offered by dentists but at less than 50% the price and it really works”


“The OzBrite Effective Teeth Whitening System offers the best and safest products for Effective Teeth Whitening Systems”


“The Teeth Whitening Industry is experiencing exponential growth and there are lots of gimmicky products out there. The OzBrite Teeth Whitening System is clinically proven and made in Australia by a company with a proven track record in supplying local Dentists with proven products”


“The OzBrite Sparkling White Teeth Whitening system is unique because it is Australian made, exactly the same as used by Dentists but available at less than half the price that a Dentist would charge.



OzBrite Key Facts


1. Simple effective procedure that is done in the privacy of your home.


2. No lazers are used. It’s just a simple application of gel on your tooth impressions in a guard for 45-60 minutes at a time.


3. It is convenient in that there is no need to stop many things you are doing as the treatment can be happening whilst you work at your computer, around the house, or watching TV.


4. For convenience and faster results you can treat the top and bottom teeth at the same time using a different teeth tray for each.


5. OzBrite is based on the same product that many dentists use and that is sold into more than 100 countries.


6. Only a small amount of material is actually used each treatment. Each kit of four syringes can last on average up to 6-months. This represents a major saving over going to the dentist.


7. OzBrite often results in a 60% cost saving over traditional dental treatments.


8. OzBrite uses a milder carbamide peroxide with additives that overcome gum sensitivity.


9. In most cases a difference can be seen after 2 treatments. We recommend seven to ten 45-60 minute treatments, as the peak of oxidation and stain removal is around 45 minutes.


10. OzBrite also leaves the user with a refreshed mouth.


11. The OzBrite teeth trays have been carefully chosen for malleability and comfort.


12. OzBrite is manufactured 100% in Australia. It is made to a stable proven formula by a leading Australian company that has supplied dental products to more than 100 countries for more than 30 years, so there is no risk of substituted unsafe formulas.


13. The formula has been independently researched and has NOT been tested on animals.


14. You can choose the shade of teeth desired by how many treatments completed



Frequently asked Questions and Answers


1. What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening is the process by which the discolorations of the enamel are lightened.


2. How long will it last?

This will depend on the person’s oral habits. The average person will require periodic touch ups once or twice a year.


3. How white will my teeth get?

This will depend on your teeth as everyone’s teeth are different. If your teeth are heavily stained from coffee or smoking, you will probably see a big change. If your teeth are not heavily stained, the change will not be as great.


4. How does the Sparkling WHITE TEETH™ from OzBrite work?

The active ingredient, carbamide peroxide, is broken down, allowing oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, causing the stains to be lightened. Whilst solutions that use a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide can give a faster result they can also potentially lead to major discomfort from gum sensitivity.


5. What causes teeth to discolour?

There are many causes of tooth discolouration. Some of the most common include the consumption of highly coloured foods (beetroot, lollies etc) and drinks (coffee, soft drinks, red wine). Antibiotics consumed at an early age, natural aging, smoking and trauma can also add to discolouration. Basically try and avoid and substance that will stain a white shirt.


6. Do all teeth whiten evenly?

There is an overall whitening of all teeth. The biting edges of the teeth are more likely to whiten faster than the areas adjacent to the gum. In some people, whitening can result in a frosty, chalky appearance of the teeth, but this usually reverts to a more natural translucent appearance after several hours to several weeks (very rare).


7. Are there any side effects?

For the majority of peoples there are none. However, some may experience temporary sensitivity (dull or sharp) on the teeth and/or gums. This will subside after several hours of stopping the treatment. The wear times can be shortened or made less frequent or a topical desensitizing toothpaste or gel can be used. Abstain from carbonated drinks, citrus foods and beverages to avoid sensitivity for a few hours after treatment.


8. Are there any long term effects?

The active ingredient in the process is carbamide peroxide and is widely used by dentists in teeth whitening. Of interest, hydrogen peroxide has been used for over 50 years to whiten teeth, and there have been no known long term adverse effects.


9. What causes teeth to stain again after whitening?

The same things that made them stain in the first place, ie red wine, tea, coffee, smoking, colored foods etc so try to avoid consuming these during the treatment period.


10. Is it better to get the Sparkling WHITE TEETH™ from OzBrite treatment now or wait until my teeth are more stained?

It is better to get it done now as the stains will become worse and darker. The teeth will then require more applications of bleach as stains will be harder to remove.


11. Are my teeth more easily stained now that they have been whitened?

No, the chance of staining your teeth are not increased once they have been whitened, if you follow the post treatment care advised.


12. Is the treatment safe?

Yes however OzBrite advises to follow the instructions provided.


13. Is it safe to whiten my teeth if I am pregnant or lactating?

With no studies done we advise pregnant or lactating women not to undergo whitening.


14. Is there a minimum age?

No studies have been done so we don’t advise it’s use by people less than 14 years of age.


15. Will my crowns, veneers and fillings get whiter?

No, only your natural teeth will. If you require a crown, whiten teeth beforehand so the new crown matches your whitened teeth.



The following people should NOT use Sparkling WHITE TEETH ™. Children Under 14 years, pregnant or lactating woman, people who have sensitive teeth or allergies to chemicals. Discontinue use if any unusual sensitivity or reactions occur.


Sparkling WHITE TEETH’ ™ is made in Australia for OzBrite Pty Ltd


Kit includes ….

6 – 12 month supply

4 x 3g sparkling white teeth syringes

2 x mouth guards



Simple effective treatment done in the privacy of your own home

Australian made and owned~ not tested on animals

Recommended treatment between 7-10 over a 2 week period

It’s a simple application of gel on your tooth impressions, in a guard for 45-60 mins

 Ozbrite contains the exact same teeth whitening ingredients that many dentists use



Buy NOW Online Click Here




Designed to SUPPORT your LIFESTYLE! 



Now available at Northmead Beauty Therapy


Still available in-store


Want more information on why slimming green coffee is so effective, so popular and why we have introduced another range?

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For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.

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