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Ask the Artist

With Makeup Artist Valerie Hernandez

In this column, Valerie Hernandez, senior educator at Youngblood, tackles a reader's question about beauty, products, and makeup applications.

Q: I have been using Youngblood's Natural Mineral Foundation for about seven months and I do love it. Any tips on how to use it properly? Also, how do I use the Ultimate Concealer in my beauty routine?
- Marcia Futterman Brodie

A: To use Youngblood Mineral Foundation, you need the proper tools like Youngblood's Mineral Rice Setting Powder and the Ultimate Foundation Brush or the Large Kabuki Brush.

First, you must prep the skin properly, this means cleansing, toning with a product like Minerals in the Mist, and then moisturizing. Follow with Youngblood's Mineral Primer to create a beautiful, smooth surface for the Loose Mineral Foundation. Next, use the Ultimate Concealer in areas where its commonly needed like undereye circles, around the nose, and blemishes. Then apply loose rice setting powder evenly all over. Taking your application brush of choice, take the Loose Mineral Foundation and tap a few times onto the lid, starting on the exterior of the face and working your way inward in small, circular motions.

Finally, set with Loose Rice Setting Powder. If you would like a dewy finish, spritz our Minerals in the Mist as a last step. Enjoy your products!


Teen Spa Parties

Beauty Salon Parties

For Children's & Teens Birthday Parties.
Make a booking on (02) 9890 7444!

 Parties $20 per head
Beauty Salon Treatments Include:
* Foot spa and paint toes 
* Make-up 
* Paint fingernails and one false nail


Extra Treatments available upon Request:
Hand Paraffin treatment, Mini Facial, Manicure, Pedicure


Mums can have pampers too - 20% off during party.
Lolly Bags (contain beauty products and lollies)


Salon Birthday Parties Rules

Party Rules:
- Minimum of 2 children, maxiumum of 15 children - Early bookings recommended - Bookings can be made up to 12 months in advance - A non-refundable deposit of 20% to secure booking - Balance to be paid prior to party day - We accept cash, visa, bankcard, mastercard and eftpos - Children's parties are of 45min to 3 hour duration - Children to arrive no earlier than 5min before party - If guests arrive late, we cannot extend party time - Prompt departure of guests when party is finished - No extra siblings allowed in Beauty Salon - extra parents must wait in reception area - Max 2 parties simultaneously -Parties of less than 10 children may have to share with another party - Tea Coffee & homemade biscuits for parents - A birthday cake is not included in party deals, but can be ordered on special request. - NO FOOD or Drink allowed in salon treatment area. - No running, yelling or screaming - Children are to remain inside salon unless they are having an outside party - for parties staying for food, once you have left the salon there is no re-admittance - Please remove all nail polish and makeup ebfore treatment begins - Choose your colours and carefully as we are unable to re-do these - Surprise gift (and voucher for Mum) for the girl with the best manners - If a child has any contagious allergies or head lice, please inform us


 School Holiday Programs

 Spend a day of your holidays in style! Organise a friend or group and receive:


Primary School
Makeup, Ear piercing (optional), One False Nail, Manicure, Pedicure. Includes Lunch

Approx. 2hrs.  $50 per child


Secondary School
Facial, Makeup, Manicure with Paraffin (or acrylic nails), Pedicure, Eyelash Extensions (or Eyelash Tint), Eyebrow Wax. Includes Lunch

Approx. 4hrs.  $99 per person


For more information simply call the salon on 02 9890 7444

Look After Yourself This Winter.

When the temperature drops and the rain sets in how do you keep your body healthy both inside and out?

Eat well: It is so important to maintain a nutritional diet that is high in immunity boosting foods. So up your intake of dark green veggies and seasonal fruit and veggies. Help the body from becoming overly acidic. The other bonus to good nutrition is great looking skin. When you eat lots of veggies it increase the moisture in the skin, plus boost it with lots of omega 3 rich foods like fish, walnuts and linseeds.

When you do come down with a cold overdose on garlic, ginger and hot lemon drinks. Try eating chicken soup to reduce mucous production.

Skin and Hair Care: This tends to dry out in winter. The skin produces less oil and is dehydrated through hotter shower, temperature changes from going inside then outside and less physical activity. The lack of perspiration in the winter is the reason for less oil in hair and skin. For your hair in winter use leave in conditioners to help fight dry, brittle and damaged tresses. Creams are great for thick hair and spray for fine hair.

For your skin ensure you boost your skin care regime with a hydrating night cream and/or serum.

Keep moving! Keeping active in the winter is so important. I know this is hard, but get a friend and get motivated!

How To Avoid Catching The Flu

Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unclean fingers and wash hands or use antibacterial gel regularly.

Extreme temperature changes can make the body vulnerable to nasty bugs. Keep air conditioning to a moderate level.

Reduce the use of bacterial sprays around the home, these can kill your good bacteria when inhaled!

Open windows and air out your home – the air outside has less bacteria then the air inside!

Enjoy winter – it is a great time to enjoy quality time with family and also great for healthy, warm dinners!

POWER RICH Intensity Skin Treatment

 It’s never too early to begin a program of optimising skin care utilising Dermalogica’s high-tech POWER RICH™, a maximum intensity skin treatment which improves skin firmness and texture even before the first visible signs of ageing appear.

Around age 30 we see some changes happening to the skin.  Facial fat thins out, cell turnover slows down, collagen begins to lose its bounce and elastin begins to weaken. The overall texture of the skin’s tissue becomes softer and looser, and the skin’s surface becomes dull due to slower cell renewal.

POWER RICH stimulates cell renewal and enhances cell turnover while reinforcing the skin’s ability to combat dehydration. This powerful restructurising cream provides intense smoothing and structural support to the epidermis and dermis and treats the loss of strength, elasticity and moisture in skin tissues.  The result: stronger, more resilient and smoother skin without the use of potentially irritating hydroxy acids.

POWER RICH is comprised of three ingredient phases, combined to create a unique synergy:

Phase 1 - A blend of biostimulating active botanicals including Red Seaweed, Rice Extracts, Soy Protein Phytoestrogens, Kukui Nut and Licorice treats the loss of strength, elasticity and moisture in skin tissues. This seaweed-enriched plant base stimulates collagen synthesis and inhibits enzymes which break down the skin’s natural structural support.

Phase 2 - An acid-free exfoliator enhances cell renewal without the irritation or flaking associated with prolonged AHA use. Natural algae and yeast-derived complexes stimulate biosynthesis of collagen, enhancing skin firmness and moisture levels.

Phase 3 - Skin-regenerating Vitamins A, E, C and B5 help to reverse the signs of premature ageing and sun damage while improving the skin's natural barrier function. Protein fragments mimic the skin's natural protein growth factors, while elastomer silicones optimise the barrier function of the epidermis, helping to repair the skin’s appearance.


 Thank You for Voting Us a 2009 Finalist and allowing US to WIN the Hills Shire Times Business Achiever Awards for Beauty Services!!



 Thank You for Voting Us a 2009 Finalist


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