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“How to Have the ‘Just Done’ Beauty Look – Every Single Day!”


Complete Dermalogica Facial & Glamour Makeover Package

Valued at $145……You Pay only $29…


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You know how frustrating it is for so many ladies who just do not have enough hours in the day.


Are you lacking inspiration? Are you sick and frustrated because you’re not able to look like you did in the salon on a daily basis?


Are you tired of paying out lots of your hard earned money on your beauty treatments only to not receive the WOW experience?


Do you wish your beauty therapist had more experience, was full of new ideas and was actually worried about customer satisfaction? If so don’t worry you are not alone and its not your fault. Thousands of women just like you are experiencing these problems every day.


Don’t despair - we have found the answer to your problems.


There is a salon that puts you the client first and foremost making your experience with them one to remember for all the right reasons.


Starting with a friendly smile and a consultation process that allows us to determine what you are looking for.


All the team go through a rigorous training program to ensure your visit is the most relaxing for you and when you leave you look and feel better then you have ever looked to the extent that they guarantee


“If your friends aren’t green with envy at how great you look we will refund your money in full, no questions asked.”


They believe in educating their clients on the easiest way to manage their skin so it looks ‘salon-done’ every day.



And at Northmead Beauty Therapy, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY with our customer service…here’s what our clients are saying…


“…the customer service and the genuine staff was real refreshing, I am talking about giving someone the impression you want them to come to your salon, and not making customers feel like they are a disruption to your day.


Your regular emails have prompted me to write this as , I believe you show genuine interest in building relationships between your customer and Yourself. This is extremely refreshing and wonderful business Ethics.  I can only wish that your style of ethics rub off on more business people in this area.


You may not realise how much this affects your customers and how much they appreciate this kind of service even that your salons provide that most in the area couldn’t even imagine that makes dealing with you so pleasurable…” Denise Sanjivi.


“….The great value “package deals” are definitely what keep me coming back to the salon. I was a client of Northmead Beauty therapy a few years ago.....then it seemed to get a bit pricey and I tried a few other places, but have recently come back to Northmead Beauty. I’ve been to the salon about 3 or 4 times in the last 6 months or so and have been really impressed with the service I’ve received. You’ve definitely made some big changes there whilst I’ve been away. The package deals are great value, the service is prompt and your staff are all friendly and professional. But most importantly, when I leave the salon, I walk out of there looking and feeling great. I know the greatest compliment is to tell my friends about your business, and don’t worry, I am! I must give a special mention to Leanne who looks after me - she always does a great job. In fact, no one treats me like Leanne does...it’s good to be back! …..”  Michelle Brown.


“….I have been coming to Northmead Beauty now for over 12 months. In this atmosphere you cant help but feel relaxed and in very good hands, exactly what I would expect from a team that is professional in their service, care and advice.....” Terry Ricks.


Click HERE to find out what other clients are saying



WARNING: Our offer of a $145 00 worth of beauty services for only $29 is  


Details of the "Dermalogica" Skin Treatment

A One Hour Facial treatment including a personalised skin consultation and complimentary application Youngblood Mineral make up.

• Value of treatment: $145  • Your Cost: $29 Only!


Dermalogica Facial Protocol


A one hour facial treatment using Dermalogica products, your treatment will include a personalised skin consultation and complimentary application of Youngblood Mineral make-up.


1. Cleanse

  • Remove eye and lip make-up using Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover.

  • Perform the Dermalogica Double Cleanse that begins with Pre Cleanse.

  • Perform the second cleanse, selecting from - Special Cleansing Gel, Ultra Calming Cleanser, Essential Cleansing Solution, Dermal Clay Cleanser or Clearing Skin Wash. Massage into a creamy lather and apply onto skin and remove with hot towels.

  • Steam may be used during the cleansing process.


2. Exfoliate

  • Select the correct Dermalogica Professional Exfoliant, according to the clients needs. Select from Daily Microfoliant, Skin Prep Scrub or one of the many high powered professional exfoliant systems specifically formulated to help remove excess dead skin cells sitting on the surface to help encourage cell renewal, cell turnover and refine skin texture.

  • Steam may be added to help the exfoliation system.


3. Massage

  • Apply Dermalogica Professional Massage Cream along with either a Specialised Additive (Revitalizing, Soothing or Clearing) or a Botanical Mixer (Calming, Purifying, Replenishing). These are combined with the massage mediums for added benefits.

  • Perform a face and décolletage massage to increase micro-circulation and relieve tension.


4. Mask

  • Apply the recommended Dermalogica Masque customised with Botanical Mixers according to skin type, select from: Colloidal Masque Base, Intensive Moisturise Masque, Plankton Masque Base, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, Skin Refining Mask or Skin Hydrating Mask.

  • Leave on face and neck for 10 minutes and remove using hot towels.


5. Tone

  • Spritz skin with either Multi-Active Toner or Soothing Protection Spray.


6. Boosters

  • Apply Dermalogica Special Booster, choose from the following: Extra Firming, Skin Hydrating, Special Clearing, Gentle Soothing Booster or Skin Renewal Booster.


7. Hydrate and Protect

  • Apply the recommended Dermalogica Moisturiser, select from Active Moist, Oil Control Lotion, Skin Smoothing Cream, Intensive Moisture Balance, Super Rich Repair or Barrier Repair.

  • Apply Multivitamin Lip and Eye Cream to eye and lip area, or choose from Intensive Eye Repair or Total Eye Care.

  • Apply a SPF30 from the Solar Defence Range to protect skin from UV exposure.


8. Make-up Application

  • Apply Youngblood Mineral Makeup to leave your skin feeling radiant and sun kissed.


Description of Treatment:

The Core Skin Therapy facial is Dermalogica’s foundation treatment; this includes a professional double cleansing, exfoliation, massage, masque, hydration and solar defense. This treatment focuses on reviving your skins appearance and feel.


This treatment will take your facial to the next level as our trained therapist will customise your treatment especially for you and your concerns.


What’s so amazing about this treatment?


The Dermalogica Core Facial Therapy is developed to fit each individual’s uniqueness. Your facial will be customised and specialised by the many products from the extensive range that is tailored to specific concerns.


You may be one of those unlucky people that have more than one problem or concern and just don’t fit the ‘mould’ of standard cleansers, which are always tailored to normal/combination and dry skin, then this is the facial for you!


If you are concerned with dryness and oiliness at the same time (yes this can happen, believe it or not) then Dermalogica can help you. Through powerful exfoliation (and there are too many to choose from) combined with botanical extracts, specialised additives and clearing treatments there is a never ending list to what Dermalogica can perform for you, as 90% of us don’t always fit the mould!


Can you explain the process?


This treatment begins with a double cleanse, then a professional high powered exfoliation process begins to remove dead cell build up and allow the maximum results from all products. An indulgent massage is followed to aid in cell stimulation, and of course the best part relaxation. Next a tailored mask is applied and then your facial is finished off with specialised serums or lotions needed according to skin type which your therapist will tailor for you and of course, to keep you balanced a moisturiser and eye cream is applied.

Last but not least your complimentary mineral make is applied.


Who can have this facial?


Skins looking for a pampering treatment that will make their skin radiant and glowing.




This treatment when performed will challenge the skin, stimulate the cells and relax the mind and body. The only thing to be careful of is becoming addicted like the millions of Dermalogica addicts out there, just ask them!


How often can you enjoy this treatment?


Every 3 to 6 weeks.


* Terms And Conditions


1. A valid credit card is required to book and secure your appointments online.

2. Please ensure you are the owner of the credit card being used to book your appointment or you have the permission of the card holder to secure the booking.

3. All bookings made are non refundable – appointment times may be able to be changed based upon availability.

4. 24 Hours notice must be for change of appointment which can only be altered at managers discretion.

5. Failure to arrive later than 10 minutes for facial appointment date may relate appointment and credit card payment being forfeited.



WARNING: Our offer of a $145 of  beauty services for only $29 is




Call Northmead Beauty Therapy NOW 9890 7444

Shop 7 Northmead Plaza Campbell Street Northmead

OR email

"I want a $29 Dermalogica Facial"




With all the doom and gloom we hear every day through the media you would think the world is caving in.  BUT at Northmead beauty Therapy we continue to deliver great service and provide great offers which has seen little to no effect on our business.  We have decided to extend our offer to you; BUT ONLY TO THE NEXT 15 TO REPLY!!!

Ever wondered how people like Cate Blanchette, Jennifer Anniston and Scarlett Johannson have glowing, gorgeous skin all the time? Their skin is no different to ours, but the secret is regular beauty care… and now you too can look your best all the time AND save money!

“Forget Gym Memberships, Here’s Membership You Will Love to Use”

You’re invited to purchase our new $200 mini membership and receive $150 extra credit FREE

That’s a total of $350 for just $200

Your mini membership can be used towards any beauty service (not including product) and there is a 12 month expiry date.

Your membership runs out when your balance is $0.00.

Use your membership whenever you like, on whichever of our fantastic services you choose!


Only 18 memberships available


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Mini Membership Voucher

BUY NOW $200  


Terms of Use: memberships have no expiry date. Membership credit can not be used on product or promotional offers. Memberships can not be transferred or refunded. Enjoy your membership!


From Our Clients

“The staff are very professional, friendly and give great advice as they really know their products and services.  They also use the best products and are very particular about their high standard in hygiene.  I would plug into the great membership deal.” (Jody, Clerical, Northmead)


Bought to you by the 2009 Hills Shire Times Beauty Service Award WINNERS!!!


 Thank You for Voting Us a 2009 Finalist and allowing US to WIN the Hills Shire Times Business Achiever Awards for Beauty Services!!



 Thank You for Voting Us a 2009 Finalist


For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.

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