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 Thank YOU for voting for us.  Once again we are FINALISTS in the 2010 Hills Shire Local Business Awards - Beauty Services.  Most recently we were advised that Michelle is a Finalist in the Hills Business Person of the Year Award as recognition of her hard work, vision and innovation to be a successful business person as well as Jess a Finalist in the Most Outstanding Youth Award as recognition of her excellent customer service, as well as being a great asset to Northmead Beauty Therapy!!!!! Both Michelle and Jess nominations are across every business type in the Hills area so is major WOW for us. We are extremely proud of our achievements.  Michelle and all the staff will be attending the awards presentation at Castle Hill RSL on Wednesday 21st April.  Fingers crossed xxxx

 So, to celebrate we have extended one of our more popular packages of late:

Hop into Northmead Beauty Therapy and relax with our Easter Pamper Pack

Beat the recession with one and a half hours of indulgent pampering for just $99.00! Our Easter Pamper package includes:

  • Relaxing Back Massage (Valued at $45)
  • Exhilarating Back Scrub (Valued at $40)
  • Titillating Scalp Massage FREE (Valued at $30)
  • Eyelash Tint or Eyebrow shape FREE (Valued at $22)
  • Deep Cleansing Mini Facial FREE (Valued at $60)
  • Heavenly Hand Massage FREE (Valued at $30)
  • Fabulous Foot Massage FREE (Valued at $30)

Total amazing value over $257.00 you pay only $99.00!

Offer expires 11/4/10 EXTENDED UNTIL 18TH APRIL.  Gift vouchers may be redeemed until 31/10/10 but why wait that long? CALL NOW on 9890 7444 or reply email now “I want an Easter Pamper Pack”  Be sure to add what day and time you would prefer.

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Look at What Some of Our Very Happy Clients Have been saying...

"Hey! I found this salon that was great, had friendly staff and actually tells you more about what to do than that other place.  Make an appointment and see for yourself." (Jenny, Administration, Baulkham Hills)


"The facial I had was fantastic, the beauty therapist was friendly, made me feel comfortable, she was professional, knowledgeable and provided me with an excellent service." (Jem, Registered Nurse, North Parramatta)


"The ladies there are always really friendly and go out of their way to ask any question or advice.  My Mum goes there for her massage and cannot speak highly enough of the care and attention she always gets.  We have moved further away from Northmead - but will continue to go there.  Keep up the fab work!!!." (Gael, Customer Service, West Pennant Hills)


Is it a myth or a fact?

This month we continue to decipher some of the myths in our industry regarding skincare, why, how and when to use it, what works and what doesn’t and a whole lot more. Last month we covered something v nothing and exfoliation. This month we cover product differences.


Myth 3 - All moisturisers are equal. False.

Ha Ha “I wish” says Michelle (as then I wouldn’t have so many different brands/types to have to stock!!). All is not equal when it comes to moisturisers - YES they are all designed with a main purpose in life which is to hydrate your skin and keep it hydrated, but they all work in different ways. Some are better than others. We will discuss the differences between a day moisturiser and a night moisturiser in another article but for this one we will keep it simple.


A day time moisturiser must do a couple of key things for your skin.


1. It must contain ingredients to increase the hydration level of your skin.

2. It must be able to help PREVENT moisture loss during your active life both from internal factors

and external factors (air-conditioning, sunlight, smoking, wind etc)

3. It must protect your skin from UV exposure, and this protection must be broad-spectrum, or you

will need to use an additional SPF.

4. It should (if it is a good one!) also contain active ingredients that have extra effects on your skin,

whether they are anti-ageing, soothing, etc.


Boy, our daytime moisturiser does have a lot to do each day. If, and only IF you use an effective day time moisturiser can you expect to delay the ageing process and have skin that looks fresh, healthy and radiant (the glow factor).


So how then do you choose a suitable product from the millions out there on the market. Get advice from someone that knows. It really is that simple. You are not expected to know about cosmetic ingredients and “stuff like that”, so ask someone that does. I don't know about cars but when my car needs something I ask my mechanic, not my best friend! In other words what works for someone you know may be completely inappropriate for you. The other thing to do is to educate yourself and to look for products that are based on scientific FACT and proof - not “case-studies”.


When choosing products for our clients we don’t look at the famous face selling it, or the media hype, we look at the facts. At Northmead Beauty Therapy we ONLY stock ranges that are scientifically proven to do for our clients (and us as we use them too!) what they claim to do!


So if you need a new day time moisturiser you need not look any further. Clear or Tinted is available.


Myth 4 - What is the difference between a treatment product and a moisturiser?

A treatment product is a “target” product. It is not a moisturiser but is designed to combat specific conditions that your skin may be suffering from. You may not need any treatment products or you may need a couple depending on your skins conditions. Treatment products (ampoules/serums) are designed to go under your day or night cream and target specific problems like pigmentation, fine lines, hydration levels, blemishes etc. Treatment products are generally “stronger” than moisturisers and will vary depending on your skin conditions, not your skin type. Only treatment products can target serious skin conditions, not a moisturiser.


Examples of treatment products include Vitamin C serums, Even skin tone serums, Vitamin A/C based

creams and serums like Multi V and Redness serums. They are all designed to target specific skin



Treatment products are used either morning or night or both. Always prior to your facial moisturiser due to the treatment product being able to penetrate the skin. Generally if you apply them after your day/night moisturiser you will lose the effect of the treatment product. The amount of product used is minimal, for instance “drops” or “pumps”, not a good dollop like your moisturiser!


Treatment products need to be chosen, and used with care due to their high level of active ingredients.

Only these high-strength, targeted products can effectively reduce, clear or prevent many skin conditions, not moisturisers. Listed below are some examples of treatment products….


Treatment Product 1 – Dermalogica MAP15 Regenerator

Our revolutionary powder-to-emulsion technology that delivers the highest concentration of Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) directly into the skin to dramatically improve skin firmness and clarity.


Treatment Product 2 – MD Formulations Vit-A-Plus Intensive Anti-Aging Serum

Achieve a more youthful, healthier-looking complexion Brightens and exfoliates dull, lifeless skin. Gently exfoliates your skin for a smoother texture and clearer complexion. Clears & refines pores and breaks down unwanted pigmentation. Used at night, 3 drops under your moisturiser.


Treatment Product 3 – Thalgo Exceptional Serum

Working from within the skin glows with the appearance of youthfulness & radiance. The skin seems to be noticeably "plumped" from within. Lines are smoothed the skin looks firmer with the appearance of a more defined contour.

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Bought to you by the 2009 Hills Shire Times Beauty Service Award WINNERS!!!


 Thank You for Voting Us a 2009 Finalist and allowing US to WIN the Hills Shire Times Business Achiever Awards for Beauty Services!!



 Thank You for Voting Us a 2009 Finalist


For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.


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