BEAUTiFUL Foot has been developed to assist in revealing flawless feet to meet the demands of hectic schedules in today’s society. It is the most convenient and hassle-free way to take your feet back in time – the time when you were a baby.

BEAUTiFUL Foot is easier to use, twice as effective and more affordable. Made with a new citrus gel formulation, BEAUTiFUL Foot Deep Exfoliation Pack works like a foot mask.  Simply put on the socks, soak the feet in the gel (gel contains natural extracts), and wait for 2 hours for gel to absorb into the sole.

 Meanwhile, you can go about to do your own things. After that, take off the socks and wash feet gently with soap. The dead skin cells start to become dry between 5-7 days and start to peel off naturally for 2-3 weeks. After that, all the foot will become very soft and smooth, just like a baby’s!!

BEAUTiFUL Foot is scientifically proven, manufactured and tested to the utmost precision to assist in the prevention and treatment of dry callus caused by excessive day-to-day friction. Unlike any product on the market – it prevents callus built-up without scrubbing, filing, sanding, scrapping or applying heel balms; which may lead to additional callus after skin regeneration. These socks are filled with liquid solutions for the "ultimate beautifying foot" effect. The simple to follow steps will take off chapped layers of unwanted skin in no time!

BEAUTiFUL Foot is designed to prevent and treat callus on the ideology of natural skin peeling. The same principle applies in nature with animals and plants when they shed their own skin - the natural way. Ingredients in BEAUTiFUL Foot are organically derived from nature.