Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

We all have times when it just isn't possible to get to the salon, so beauty-salon-parramatta has decided to provide you with some home care beauty tips sure to please. Better yet... there simple, easy and quick too!


1. Never wash your face with hot water, instead use tepid.

2. Start waxing in cooler months, that way your hair will be and soft by the time summer roles around!

3. Brazilian waxing is best in the morning and not at the end of a stressful day. Trim the hair and then have 1x month.

4. To prevent ingrown hairs use Tea Tree Lotion after waxing.

5. To maintain soft hands after a treatment, before you go to bed, lavish on the Vaseline and then pop on a pair of cotton gloves. Your hands will be incredibly soft by the morning!

6. To reduce Puffy eyes, boil to two tea bags in hot water, place in fridge to cool, then place chilled bags on eyes for 10-15 minutes. The natural antioxidants in the tea will reduce puffiness.

7. Don't want to go from Nicole Kidman to bronzed beauty the day before a special occasion? Instead book your tan 2-3 days before or apply tan 1-2 days before, this way the tan has time to completely develop and settle in.. plus the smell will be gone!

8. Always wear sunscreen! Even if the day looks gloomy and dull the UV rays still shine through and you are more prone to getting burnt and developing skin cancers from those rays than you are from the rays on a hot, sunny day! Try Dermalogica's Ultra Sensitive Face Block SPF 25  or Solar Defence Booster SPF 30(add a few drops to your favourite make up or moisturiser).

9. To soothe burns apply Aloe Vera Gel.

10. Drink water!! Water acts as a natural remedy to head your way towards achieving beautiful, rich, glowing skin. It acts as a body purifier, by removing toxins and waste from your body and keeps your heart healthy. So start drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day, to promote your mind, body fitness.

The Beauty Tips listed are advise offered at both our skin care centres at Baulkham Hills and Northmead. To book an appointment either call Baulkham Hills Beauty Therapy 02 9639 9294 or Northmead Beauty Therapy 02 9890 7444 now, or fill in the form below and one of our skin care therapists will call you straight back to discuss your individual requirements.

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   Beauty Tips

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