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Does your salon 'Guarantee' their services & products?

Unfortunately, the majority of salons do not offer any written guarantees.
  • Q. Does Northmead Beauty Therapy have a guarantee?
  • A. Yes we do! We have it right on our home page.

    Our guarantee: If you are not 100% totally delighted with your treatment from beauty-salon-parramatta, we insist you do not pay, your service is FREE!

    Also, with our products we offer a 100% money back guarantee on our product range, no questions asked!

How do I know if my nail salon is using banned Acrylic Liquid?

The Acrylic Liquid that has been banned by the American Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for over 20 years is 'MMA' Acrylic Liquid.

Why is it banned and why should I be concerned?

It can cause;
  • Numbness in your fingers
  • Permanent nail loss
  • Permanent disfiguration of your nails, where they never grow back normal again
  • Prolonged use can cause miscarriages, legions to the kidneys and many respiratory problems

So, you need to beware!

5 ways to know that your Salon is using FDA banned MMA Acrylic Liquid...

  1. The nail prices are heavily discounted, why? Because illegal MMA Acrylic Liquid is very cheap
  2. An unusually strong odour
  3. MMA Acrylic nails take a long time to soak off, so most of the time they will not soak but pick them off or drill them off, this also causes damage to your natural nail
  4. Excessive use of drills, this is because the illegal MMA Acrylic nails are very hard and rigid
  5. They wont tell you what products they are using on you
Even though the FDA has deemed MMA Acrylic Liquid as poisonous, it is still being used today, why? It is cheap!

You as the consumer please beware, always ask what products are being used on you!



Some Nail Technicians wear masks, why and should I have one?


Nail salons don't all use the same acrylic nail systems and not all acrylic nail systems are the same.

The most common reason for wearing masks, is that some salons use acrylic nail systems based on over 20 year old acrylic technology. These old out of date acrylic nail systems have harmful fumes which are not good for your health nor your nails. If your nail technician is wearing a mask, maybe you should be too! (See question; "How do I know if my nail salon is using banned Acrylic Liquid?")
  • Q. What acrylic system does beauty-salon-parramatta use?
  • A. We use Creative Nail Design  and IBD professional acrylic nail system. As part of their mission says;


    "...We inspire nail professionals by providing leadership through high quality performance products, industry leading innovation and global education..."

    So at beauty-salon-parramatta, we use the latest and best acrylic nail system from Creative Nail Design and IBD. Also, we do not use harsh acidic primers!
Another reason for Nail Technicians to wear masks, is to filter out dust particles from the air.
  • Q. Why doesn't beauty-salon-parramatta Nail Technicians wear masks for dust, or offer me one?
  • A. Short answer, you don't need one. We use a filtration system, which has the capacity to filter the air, eliminating the need for you and our Nail Technicians from having to wear dust masks.

Is it normal for my nails to hurt after going to the nail salon?

A small percentage of people have sensitive fingers for 24 hours after their full set of nails. Most people however should only feel a slight 'tight' feeling from the nail glue, but this will go away after a day.

They definitely should not be sore at all after 24 hours of getting your nails done. If they are still sore after a day see your nail technician to take your nails off.

Should I worry that my Nail Technician uses a nail drill?


I have never seen a good nail left after using a nail drill in all my 16 years of doing nails. Unfortunately, the cuticles are always trashed.

Nail drills can quickly and easily heat up the nail plate. They can also leave ridges on your natural nail plate, which in Sydney can lead to mold problems.
  • Q. Does beauty-salon-parramatta use nail drills?
  • A. Yes, but only to remove excess glue from under your artificial tips, we don't go on top of your natural nail bed.

Do all salons only offer 6 weeks to use their Gift Vouchers?

Most only offer 6 to 12 weeks to use their Gift Vouchers.
  • Q. How long does beauty-salon-parramatta have on their Gift Vouchers.
  • A. 12 months, yes 1 whole year to use your Gift Voucher!

Is your cuppa made from a fresh tea bag?

Why should you even need to ask that question!

Unfortunately, some salons keep reusing their tea bags over and over again, urrrh!

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