Cosmetic Tatooing

Wishing You Could Just Wake-Up With Make-Up??


Cosmetic Tatooing or Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Saves You Time and Money!

These procedures whether it be  lip liner, eyebrows, eyeliner, or beauty spots are all available NOW at Northmead Beauty Therapy.

If you have a scar which you would like camoflauged why not come in for a FREE Consultation.

REMOVE The Barnicles of Old Age - Age Spots, Spider Veins, Skin Tags

These can be removed painlessly and quickly

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ONLY THE BEST WILL DO!!  Introducing.....

Deborah Crofts has seen a need over the years with clients coming into her own practice to focus on treating skin irregularities such as skin tags, solar ketosis, fibromas,  spider veins, and pigmentation, (the barnacles of old age) which seem to appear after the age of forty.

Cosmetic tattoo is available for makeup that won't wash off. Designer Eyeliner, lash enhancements, halo eyes, Smokey eyes.

Full Eyebrow colour tattoo, hair-strokes, lip definer liner, lip corrections, pouted lips, sparkle lips, scar camouflage (breast areola treatments) .

Colour corrections are available for procedures that have changed colour, black that has turned blue.

Eyebrow colours that have changed to an orange or pink reflect due to base colour deteriorating over time.

Deborah is a member of Association of cosmetic tattoo of Australia and is currently secretary and  member of the Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia.



Deborah is devoted to creating positive change for her clients and only work with products, and treatments that make a real difference with the condition of the skin.

Deborah has had twenty years experience and is an accredited trainer with American Bio-touch, which be contacted through for student training. 

Cosmetic Tattoo for Lips

Beautiful natural lips, full lip colour, lip blends, lip liner, sparkle lip or pouted lips, these are all techniques which will create a wonderful look.

You can increase the size of a small lip shape to a fuller more accentuated lip.
You can give lips a fuller look, even if your lip line is small , you can also correct an uneven lip line.
As with full lip colour in the centre of the lips by using a lighter colour you can create a  pout.
You can be a bright as you like with your choosen colour or just a couple of shades darker than your natural lip line. 


Lip liner ,Full lips, Lip Blend


What's the difference between Lip line, full lip colour and lip blend? 

Lip Liner is a line around the actual lips.


Lip blending is outlining the lip shape, then blending colour from the lip line into half of the lip, making the outline less obvious.


This is  the same colour as the lip line to look natural or it can be a stronger more bold colour.

Full lip colour is Ideal for people who have inconsistent colour in their lips either very pale, uneven,or scared lip colour, by having your lips tattooed it actually stimulates collagen so for the client with little wrinkles around the lips it's great .


There are many techniques and is very individual so best to consult with clients to meet their needs.


A very light or dark lip line is created and then a colour is implanted all over the lips


If you are having lip liner done and have had previous problems with cold sores the procedure is likely to re-activate the problem to help prevent or minimize the outbreak, commence taking L-Lysine 3 weeks before treatment and double the dose one week prior and after treatment

Eyebrow Tattoo

'Wake up with Makeup'

The shaping of your eyebrow's are so important as is the correct colour with your eyebrow tattoo. Your eyebrows need to be the right contour they frame your eye's and face and put everything into balance.

Wrong shape and colour can make you look tired and your eyes can appear heavy.

There are many cosmetic tattoo techniques available which will give you a very natural soft shape, hairstrokes and three dimensional eyebrows are just two techniques that we can discuss with you.

Cosmetic tattoo makes your life easier, especially when our eye's start to deteriorate it's takes time to apply, to wake up with make up is wonderful and saves time .

As we age we lose definition, our hair lightens as does our eyebrow hair, even our skin changes . 

Cosmetic tattoo is a god send for many people.

Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo

Eyeliner can be as limited as your imagination. Different looks which can be achieved in several visits.

Enhancement is for the clients who aren't sure whether they wish to have a solid line, or even do an eyeliner cosmetic tattoo treatment, we perform small dots along and amongst the hair follicles, which give a look of more lashes without the line. It is a soft effect for those not willing to take the plunge and go for solid eyeliner.

Halo effects are brilliant, but do take time, with doing a line at a time, several colours can be achieved, with a fantastic look at the end.

Eyeliner can be as thin as you would like or as thick. Many different colours to choose from and many effects with cosmetic tattoo can be achieved.




Natural skin colour can be implanted into the scar area to diminish the look of the scar.

Surgical scars and burn scars any scars after the 6 month period can be treated. 



Following post mastectomy breast reconstruction, a three dimensional 'nipple and areola' can be created using various colours.


 Excellent results can be achieved with this procedure giving a more balanced look to breasts.

Successful and very pleasing results.


Burns Scars or burns can be re-pigmented with various skin colour pigments, the white scar can be toned down to natural skin tone.



Enhance a freckle or create a beauty spot. 


Eyebrows hairstrokes ,three dimensional,full brows with three colours all different techniques.

Eyeliner anything thicker than normal will incur an added cost as more colour is needed and more time.



At 6 weeks Debra do an perfection visit just to check if all is good and take a photo. This is not an oppotunity for clients to re think there shape and want a thicker line or different colour, the treatment has been decided on the first day of consultation.


Tattoo Vanish Information

Tattoo vanish is for the removal of tattoo’s body and cosmetic tattoo’s.


This method of removal is effective, no down time, less discomfort, skin is left uninjured and is a cheaper solution than other methods.


Tattoo vanish is based on the ancient method of tattoo removal, it’s called salabrasion.


It involves the use of salt to remove the ink in the tattoo and coloured ink also.  Other methods such a laser, dermabrasion surgical incision, cryosurgery, can be expensive, and not give you the desired results in a few sessions.


For some tattoo’s the lightning result is dramatic, after just one session can receive an effective removal, some tattoo’s may take several attempts depending on the tattoo.





For further information about any of the services or promotions above please call one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly Skin Care Therapists -  Northmead Beauty (02) 9890 7444.



Price List

Full Lips - $900

Lip Liner - $450

Lip Blend - $600

Eyebrows - $450

Eye Liner - $350

Lash Enhancement - $350

Tatoo Vanish - $POA

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To make appointment for any Cosmetic Tatoo procedure, please contact the salon on 02 9890 7444 and speak to a therapist.  Unfortunately due the intense nature of this treatment we are unable to allow clients to book direct online.

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    Cosmetic Tatooing

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