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how to shave

A bad shave can leave your skin looking and feeling sensitized, suffering from razor burn, nicks and ingrown hairs. To help clear existing skin problems and maintain skin health in the most efficient method possible, it is necessary to do more than glide a razor across your skin.

As the experts in skin, Dermalogica has developed 3 simple but key steps (
pre-shave, shave, post-shave) that address both skin condition and beard growth type to ensure a close shave and skin that is healthy and free of common side effects of shaving.

shaving with the grain

In addition to using the correct products for skin condition and beard type, it is crucial to use a sharp, clean razor and to shave with the grain (the same direction the hair shaft grows). Because each person has a unique grain (facial hair) pattern, it is critical to note the direction in the spots you are shaving. Often times, different parts of the face and neck may demonstrate a change in the pattern, where hair growth may shift direction. The most common places this may happen is at the chin, under the jaw line and on the lower neck. The best time to determine the pattern of your beard is approximately one to three days after shaving. Simply run your hand over the area of beard growth to determine direction of the grain.
If you have a heavy, coarse beard, it is ok to shave against the grain, but only after first shaving with the grain, when the hair is shorter and less likely to curl back in on itself. After the initial shave with the grain, re-apply all necessary shaving mediums before shaving against the grain.


the right pressure for a close, pain-free shave

The pressure applied during the shave process is also critical to the prevention of nicks, cuts, razor burn, irritation and redness. Applying too much pressure won’t provide a closer shave: it will just facilitate the removal of skin cells, leading to irritation. If the razor is sharp enough, minimal pressure will be sufficient for removing hair. Use a steady, constant motion when shaving, making each shave stroke around 1 to 2 inches long. Ensure you rinse the blade(s) clean before each fresh stroke, which will also provide a closer shave

dos and don’ts

  • Shave with the grain, not against. If you need to shave against, apply product and shave with the grain, then re-apply product and shave against the grain.

  • Shave after showering to pre-soften the skin.

  • Avoid alkaline-based products and soap, which can dry skin.

  • Avoid after-shave lotions containing alcohol – they not only cause pain, but contribute to irritation and fail to replace the skin’s natural protective barrier.

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all products.
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