Detox Wrap Replicated Opportunity

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Detox Wrap Replicated Opportunity

So YOU want to become a distributor too of our NEW herbal detox wraps?? ... I will get you signed up direct with the US Company


Direct from the US, our one-of-a-kind herbally based body contouring applicators, detoxify, tighten, tone & firm where applied to the skin.

Get it in your business today ... for ONLY $199 NOW $99

For a Limited Time Only


PLEASE NOTE: All prices listed are in US Dollars


You get 4 wraps ... you sell them for $120 BOOM you get your money back.  So the cost is very negligible.


You will receive

  • 1 x The IT Works Ultimate Body Applicator (4 pack) Value $99

  • Business Builder Kit - including folder, training material,  hard copy order forms

  • Receive 20-50% discount on ALL ongoing product orders (You Pay only $59 ongoing for The Ultimate Body Applicator (4 pack) - Normally $99)

  • Applicator Brochure x 5 - Show your customers ways to wear the Ultimate Body Applicator, photos Hollywood celebs with it, and all the answers to frequently asked questions with a single, handy brochure!

  • Coupon Cards x 5 - full-color cards that help you showcase the product thatÂ’s as close to magic as it gets: the Ultimate Body Applicator.

  • A full lifestyle product range you can introduce with no outlay.

  • FREE for 30 days - Your very own customized website to sell the product direct to your customers, online training website, online ordering systems only $20 per month after 1st month. 

Every order will be sent direct from the global company in the US.

A $25-$35 International Express Post charge is applicable per order.

In addition to do the $99 starter kit you may want to take advantage of getting more than just the basic 4 wraps to start with;

Buy 1 pack (4 wraps) @ $59
Buy a 2 Pack (8 wraps) @ $108
Buy a Spa 10 Pack (40 wraps) @ $490

There is also the Booster Pack which contains
8 boxes of wraps @ $59 each
3 boxes of Facials @ $49 each
1 Defining Gel @ $45
1 Fat Fighter @ $23
Total Wholesale Price $687 YOU PAY $489 This is great value too.

There is also a Mini Booster Pack: ONLY available to NEW distributors when signing up as a distributor. It is only available with your very 1st order. 2 Boxes of Wraps (8 applicators), 1 Box of Facial Wraps (4 applicators), 1 Bottle of Defining Gel and 1 Bottle of Advanced Formula Fat Fighters...all for just $139

If you are going to seriously market the wraps I suggest you get the the Salon pack or Booster pack with your 1st order to save on postage.

After the initial $99 start up 1 box of wraps (4 wraps) will cost you $50 thereafter.

Simply complete the form below and I will get you started immediately.

I Want To Become A Distributor

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
First Name*
Last Name*
E-mail Address*
Street Address*
Zip/Postal Code*
Mobile Phone*
Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy*
Business Name*
Business ABN*
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Your proposed website name*
Proposed Password*
What to include in your start up?
$99 Business Builder Kit
PLUS extra 1 pack (4 wraps) @ $59
PLUS extra 2 Pack (8 wraps) @ $108
PLUS extra Spa 10 Pack (40 wraps) @ $490
PLUS extra Mini Booster Pack @ $139
PLUS extra Booster Pack @ $490
Credit Card Payment*
Card Number (16 Characters)*
Card Expiry Date (dd/mm/yyyy)*
Name On Card*
Card Security Number (Last 3 digits on the Back of your Card)*

If at any point, you decide that you no longer wish to stock the product as part of your range, you can simply cancel your account and there is no further commitment.

YOU can also earn commissions and residual income from loyal customers and distributors that you introduce to the company too. (click here for more info)

Benefits of Servicing the Product Line:
  1. Your Salon will become a Trend Leader in your area ...THE product expert looking out for your clients.

  2. Your Salon will offer an EXCLUSIVE product line that is effective and made from all-natural ingredients, making it a safe alternative to painful surgery and costly chemically based procedures.

  3. Your Salon can gain credibility through the product's recognition by major networks (ABC, CNN & NBC) as well as celebrities since the body slimming treatments were featured in the gift suites at the Oscar's and Emmy's.

  4. Your Salon will become THE destination to firm clients' trouble spots before special occasions (e.g., trips, weddings, reunions, holidays) since they will start to see results in as little as 45 minutes!

  5. Your Salon doesn't need a wet room, and there is no equipment to buy.  The application process takes only minutes, and the Applicator is ready-to-use and mess-free!

  6. Your Salon can boost product sales by offering the clients progressive results with continued use of either a course treatments or at home.

  7. Your Salon can offer customized body contouring that is NOT water loss, making it unique.

Steps for SUCCESS:

  1. Schedule an in-salon training for all personnel to get them excited about the product...sharing stories is the best way to spread the word, since there is no "sales" pitch involved.

  2. Host an "invitation-only" in-salon party featuring the Ultimate Body Applicator to kick-off the new product line, building excitement...and demand!

  3. Send html-enabled email (to link to salon web site) and direct mail announcement combined with special holiday offer (e.g., discount to try for month of December).

  4. Conduct a "Win a FREE Wrap" raffle to collect names of those interested in trying it, and customize special promotion in targeted appeal.

  5. Place new product line announcements at each station and front check-in counter to serve as conversation starters (e.g., what is that?).

  6. Offer "Gift Wrapping" holiday gift certificates for current clients to purchase for their girlfriends who have everything, as it will draw new potential clients into the salon to receive their gift, creating an ideal opportunity to showcase the full line of salon services.

  7. Offer holiday gift packages including Ultimate Body Applicator with other salon services.

  8. Offer as a new service in the form of a Slenderizing Detox Massage.  This 1-hour massage would be performed using the Defining Gel and include the Ultimate Body Applicator as add-on for abs.

  9. Promote as Wrap N' Relax service, where the Ultimate Body Applicator is applied as an add-on service to wear while they are receiving other salon services.

  10. Shelf the product for Wrap N' Go, where the Ultimate Body Applicator is applied in the privacy of their home as a trial (single Applicator) or entire treatment (4-pack of Applicators).  Shelf the Defining Gel as companion product to use as daily moisturizer and firming gel to maintain results of Applicator. *Only offer Ultimate Body Applicator for retail after client has had salon wrap. Client must be educated as to what/why they are having results.

Ultimate Body Applicator Highlights:

This exclusive body slimming Applicator is a site-specific, non-woven cloth (11" x 22") that is infused with botanical ingredients.  No synthetic, artificial or animal by-products are contained in the Applicators.  Targeting the areas your clients want to reduce, the Applicator can be applied to the stomach, thighs, chin/neck, back or arms.  A maximum of 2 Applicators should be applied at once.

A single Applicator contains 12 active ingredients that absorb through the skin to the sub dermal layers to stimulate cellular lipolytic activity and increase lymphatic drainage, which causes inch loss, not water loss.  The Applicator also:

  • firms, tones and tightens skin
  • eliminates cellulite and skin slackening
  • shrinks fat cells

The Applicator must be worn for at least 45 minutes.  Once the Applicator is removed, any remaining product should be rubbed into the skin.

The ingredients stay in the body for 72 hours, so a subsequent Applicator can be applied 3 days after the first was administered.  The Applicators provide immediate and progressive results, and once the desired results are achieved, they typically last 2 to 6 months.

The Applicator should not be used on women who are pregnant or nursing.


it works body applicator


Yours in beauty,



Michelle Weston

Northmead Beauty Therapy

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