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The most experienced skin care centres in the Parramatta/Hills area with a combined

105 years experience!



Welcome to beauty-salon-parramatta, a place where you can be yourself and still be a brand new person! We invite you to place where you can experience professional results, in minimum time! Here at beauty-salon-parramatta we have several mature, experienced therapists and massage therapist who work at our skin care centre:

Northmead Beauty Therapy

 Meet our staff:

Michelle W - I am the owner of both Northmead Beauty Therapy. I opened Northmead Beauty on the 7th of October, 1998 and my business has flourished amazingly since that day. 

There comes a time when the owner of any business has to take a step back and work ‘on’ the business instead of ‘in’ it. After all, if a business doesn’t grow, improve, offer even better service to clients, it’ll sooner rather than later just kind of fade away…… and I don’t want that to happen.


I moved into a new role as ‘Beauty Director’ (sounds so important, doesn’t it…but I’ll still be me) in February 2008 of the salon.


‘Er, what does Beauty Director mean?’ I hear you ask…


Frankly, it’s just a cute title…and it doesn’t mean I won’t be around to make sure our clients (like you) are looked after properly.


In fact, things have been even better…it’ll means I can concentrate on the things that make our salon so good, and ensure they not only stay good, but get better.


Like, for example, making sure my staff get better at their craft (I can’t keep a close eye on everybody if I’m doing facials/massages myself all the time). And taking time to ensure all the little details are attended to (I’m a fanatic about cleanliness), that bookings are kept up to date and on time, that our products are always the latest and the best…a hundred things that keep a salon running like a well-oiled machine!


…and I’m completely confident you’ll find every one my staff a pleasure to deal with.


(Don’t tell her them – but just quietly, their actually better at doing treatments than I am!)


Naturally, our full Money Back Guarantee applies… and just so I can monitor our services completely, I want you to tell me – in confidence of course – in the unlikely event that you’re in any way unhappy with anything at Northmead Beauty Therapy.

Voted in 2010 as the Most Outstanding Business Person of the Year in the Hills area I have been working in the beauty industry for 18 years now and endeavour to continue for many more. All of my therapists are friendly, talented and enthusiastic, they all specialise in specific areas and are pro-active in finding the latest technologies or trends....I believe this is what makes my skin care centre unique and different from regular salons.

Leanne O - Leanne, like myself, has watched the skin care centre grow and succeed since the beginning. Leanne O has the most experience out of all my staff. She has been working in the beauty industry for nearly 30 years now. (I know - wow)  She has been with beauty-salon-parramatta since 1999, a year after my first salon, Northmead Beauty opened. Leanne has been working in the beauty industry for ..... years and specialises in facials. (Her days are booked full with them).

Sharon - Sharon has the many years experience. She has been working in the beauty industry over 25 years now. (I know - wow), her experience and constant re-education as a therapist speaks highly of her commitment in developing the latest technologies and uniquely different styles for each client she works with. She has been with beauty-salon-parramatta since 2003 and specialises in waxing and  brazilian colouring/waxing.





Leanne S - Leanne has been working with beauty-salon-parramatta since February 2006.  Leanne has a very loyal client and her days are nearly always booked, she has a many number of years experience in the beauty industry and specialises in ear piercing and facial treatments  and body treatments.



Erin - Erin has been working in the beauty industry for many years now and has been with beauty-salon-parramatta since April 2009.   Erins Erin enjoys the art of individually designing the perfect eyebrows for her clients as she specialises in eyebrow waxing and eyelash extensions.   Erin is now also manning our front desk when Jess is not around.

Jessica - Jessica has been working in the beauty industry for over 5 years. She has been with beauty-salon-parramatta since February 2008.  Jessica has completed her apprenticeship in beauty therapy with us and her role also includes, using her beauty therapy skills, to be solely responsible for all online skin consultations via our website and updating our clients through social media via Facebook and Twitter of any upcoming specials or offers. Her voice over the phone and presence at our front desk has made her  “the face” of Northmead Beauty Therapy.


Donna - Donna is our latest member of staff.  She comes to us with a mountain of experience and is extremely passionate about making clients feel good about themselves.  She specialises in massage and makeup.  Donna's enthusiasm for every treatment and her unique touch she also specialises in spray tans and manicures and pedicures.



Deb - Deb joined us in September 2009 due to the rapid growth of our business.  Deb assists at the front desk occasionally however, most of her time is spent on administration in our newly facilitated office.  Deb puts into action the amazing promotions that Michelle creates.  She is also primarily responsible for the day to day running of our newly expanded wholesale coffee business.



Scott - Scott is our sports massage therapist, he has been working with beauty-salon-parramatta since 2003 . Scott is a former massage therapist of the Parramatta Eels football team. All of Scott's services are claimable from your health fund.

That completes our staff! All of these girls...and boy, are highly commended in providing you with the highest quality of treatment and service. If you wish to speak to one of our friendly staff please do not hesitate to ring one of skin centres, Northmead Beauty Therapy (02) 9890 7444. I hope to see your happy, cheerful face soon!   :)

For further information about Dermalogica Products please ring one of our skin care centres to speak to one of out friendly therapists, Northmead Beauty Therapy (02) 9890 7444.


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