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Wish you could wind back the clock and erase those lines, wrinkles, red blotches, sunspots & pigmentation??


Now is your chance to do ALL of these – or you can choose which ones you want to treat for just a ONE – OFF price…That’s right, just one payment up front and you can have as many IPL treatments as we can do for 12 months- that’s on facial rejuvenation. Unlimited, what ever we can fit into 12 whole months with only one payment!


Fast and versatile skin rejuvenation with our non-invasive IPL system will improve your complexion dramatically and have your friends GREEN WITH ENVY! Reduce those lines & Wrinkles, pigmentation and veins on your cheeks, this IS a great way to age gracefully!


How A Woman Who Hadn't Had a Date In 15 Years Finally Met The Man Of Her Dreams?


"I'm in my 40's and I've suffered with acne for most of my life.  I've tried everything on the market and even been to dermatologists but nothing has helped.  In desperation and feeling so low, I treated myself to a facial.  We spend a long time discussing my skin and explaining would could be done.  I listened with scepticism buy thought, what the hell, I might as well try it; this was at least different!

I was put on IPL treatments.  I was so anxious at my 1st treatment and so desperate for this to finally work that I broke down in tears.  I hadn't had a date for 15 years and I was resigned to living alone forever.  After the treatment I felt silly and the IPL wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected.

About 3 days after the treatment - and I know this sounds unbelievable - but some of the huge pustules were actually smaller.  Now that I could see the treatments working I began to get very excited.  I made sure I followed the home care programme diligently.  I couldn't wait for my second treatment and within 2 weeks after that, the acne was almost gone!  I felt better about myself than at any other time I could remember.

It was about this time a friend of mine invited me out with a group of people she knew.  I would normally have said no, but this time I said yes because I wanted to show off my new face.  That night I met the most amazing man.  He latre told me he couldn't take his eye off me.  ME!!

We're getting married next month! And of course I'm leaving all our wedding treatments in the hands of Northmead Beauty Therapy.  I owe my happiness to Northmead Beauty Therapy and the IPL treatments.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Name withheld for privacy reasons.


How did she do this?  Simply by having Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy...


Using this advanced technology, you can progressively and permanently eliminate blemishes, sun, and age spots, uneven skin tone, broken capillaries, redness, open pores, dry skin, acne and acne scarring, rosacea, wrinkles and fine lines PERMANENTLY.  IPL promotes the producation of collagen and elastin to make you look youthful with smoother, clearer and more radiant skin ...


We GUARANTEE you can look up to 10 to 15 years younger AND save money!


Refer a friend and get $70 off your next treatment



Prepay a course of any 5 treatments and receive your 6th treatment FREE!!

(save 20%)


Every IPL treatment has been reduced.


You will require an initial diagnostic evaluation - VALUE $60. 

When you pre-pay a course of 5 or more treatments you'll receive the diagnostic session FREE.  

Some treatments may require individual quotes.

IPL Treatment

Course of 6

per treatment

Course of 12

per treatment


per treatment


(Course of 12)






Full Face

$82.50 $82.50 $99 $198
Lip $40.85 $40.85 $49 $97.80
Nose $40.85 $40.85 $49 $97.80
Chin $40.85 $40.85 $49 $97.80
Sides of Face R/L $40.85 $40.85 $49 $97.80
Neck $65.80 $65.80 $79 $158.40
Full Face & Neck $140.85 $140.85 $169 $337.80
Decolletage $145.85 $145.85 $175 $349.80
Face, Neck & Decolletage $249.15 $249.15 $299 $589.80


AND ... you get to enjoy Northmead Beauty Therapy's No Risk Guarantee ...


1.  Your satisfaction is our satisfaction, in the unlikely event that you're not COMPLETELY delighted with everything about your experience with us, we WANT you to say so right away, and we'll either re-do it for free, or give you a prompt and full refund - it's your choice


2.  We guarantee to match any and every competitors price on IPL for the duration of this promotion.  Just bring in the published price and we will match it.


3.  Northmead Beauty Therapy's Australia-wide reputation as a centre of excellence means that you can trust that you will get the results you expect




IPL is a very safe, medically proven, pain-free and permanent treatment and is the preferred alternative to laser.  Treatments WILL work when you adhere to your recommended treatment programme.




Do you want to be PERMANENTLY Hair-FREE ?


Erase Those unwanted Sunspots, Fine Lines &

Wrinkles so you can age gracefully?


We are offering unlimited IPL for 12 months –

But BE QUICK, we only have 17 places available.



But you must call NOW – with this unbelievable offer, it is first in best dressed…why you ask, because I have done my calculations and at this price


We can only offer 17 clients these packages at

 $2999 (save up to & over $1000’s!!)


Ie: Normally one full leg session is from $400 (min 6 required), or a single brazilian is from $99 (min 6 req) One single Full face, neck & chest treatment is usually $550 (you may need approximately 5 sessions for the required results-That’s $3000!))…see the savings!

The more you do the more you save!


 This offer is EXCLUSIVE to Northmead Beauty Therapy and to our first 17 clients to take this offer –  We cannot afford to release any more than 17 of these packages.


Don’t read this twice- call us NOW!! 9890 7444



Remember not all lasers are the same

Beware of gimmick technology

Australian Standards Endorsed

As exposed on the Today Tonight programme (18/08/06) most discount operaters use non-endorsed equipment, not approved by the Australian authorities (TGA) for safety and effectiveness


Save up to 40% OFF Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal & Skin treatments. Affordable, Safe, Effective and Great Results!

State of the Art laser hair removal offered at our clinic

Receive 60% off laser hair removal.


Laser Hair Reduction and Skin Rejuvenation treatments are now very affordable at Northmead Beauty Therapy. Treatment prices and various plans are advised during your FREE Consultation and Test patch (no obligations). This will allow us the opportunity to assess the area of concern thoroughly and create the most cost effective price and results driven treatment plan for you.


Laser Technologies are a great option to consider if you are tired of investing in temporary hair removal techniques and/or facials, skin care or make ups that are slow and less effective to improve your skin’s condition. For further information regarding packages and current promotions, please contact our team on 9890 7444.


For a specialist boutique laser clinic Northmead Beauty Therapy is now affordable, professional and very competitively priced.


Prices are advised during your FREE Consultation, Test Patch and include (at no extra charge);

  • Shaving the area

  • Touch up maintenance treatments (if required)

  • Unlimited Specialist pre and post care advice

  • Quality time with your Skin and Laser Therapist (no production line/ rushed service)

  • Premium state of the art technologies (TGA certified IPL)

  • Sterilised and hygienic treatment utensils (above and beyond Australian OHS standards)

  • Experienced and qualified Laser Operators

  • Comfortable clinic environment

Helpful Tips for Laser Clients

  • Be cautous of false advertisements and heavily discounted marketing schemes

  • Keep in mind the service philosophy of the clinic (are they attentive/helpful)

  • Ensure the clinic/salon are TGA certified. Look out for CERTIFIED LASER PRACTITIONERS

  • Check the legitimacy of the technologies being used (opt for medical graded over salon graded)

  • Check the qualifications of your Skin and Laser Therapist

  • Ensure you are advised of all pre and post care instructions to experience satisfying results.

  • Ask your friends and/or family where they have had a positive experience.
    Most of our clients initially hear about us through their friends!

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction, in the unlikely event that you're not COMPLETELY delighted with everything about your experience with us, we WANT you to say so right away, and we'll either re-do it for free, or give you a prompt and full refund - it's your choice.

SAVE MORE when treating multiple areas. We have frequent promotions allowing our existing and new clients the ability to enjoy experiencing fantastic results, whether it be laser hair reduction and/or skin rejuvenation.


Our CRAZY Guarantee...

If you’re not THRILLED with the results of your IPL treatments, we’ll refund your money in full!


I was so fed up with having my skin constantly irritated by shaving…and being caught with ugly underarm hair is embarrassing! IPL has been a fantastic solution…now I can wear sleeveless tops without thinking twice! Tami, 26, Office manager.


Here’s the transcript of an interview we did with a client (Mary Brown) after a course of IPL she’s just completed:


Hi Mary, you were a bit reluctant to try IPL, weren’t you?

“Yes, I was at first…for a long time, actually. I thought it would be too expensive. And I thought it was the sort of thing that only people with things like acne scarring would benefit from.”


So, you took the plunge and decided to give it a go. What was the experience like?

“Well, I was a bit nervous. But to tell the truth, I was amazed at how simple and painless it was. No messy wax, none of that post-treatment sticky feeling. Actually, my skin felt better than when I went in, and that’s certainly not my experience with waxing. “


Now, you had some broken capilliaries and sun spots too…

“That’s right, on my face I had a few broken capilliaries that seemed to look worse every time I stared at the mirror. Plus some sunspots on my hands. Now after a few IPL treatments they’re all gone. And it was completely, utterly painless, and so quick. I was in and out in under 10 minutes. Plus, there was no downtime, I could go straight off to work, and nobody had a clue what I’d been doing.”


So how do you feel now?

“It really feels like a fairy godmother’s waved her magic wand. I’ll never have to wax my underarms or legs or bikini line again, and I’ve got rid of those ugly blemishes. My skin actually feels more supple, smoother. And looks ten years younger.”


Does that sound like something you’d like to be saying?


Please call now to make a booking for your free trial…seriously, this offer won’t last.


Also at Northmead Beauty Therapy, we only use TGA approved equipment, which means it meets the strict standards of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. TGA approval is your guarantee that equipment meets strict safety standards. 


IPL permanent hair removal is a safer and pain free solution for permanent hair reduction, regardless of where on your face or body you have a treatment. We use IPL because they are new and safer technologies than laser.


Northmead Beauty Therapy is a multi-award-winning skin care centre with an Australia-wide reputation as a centre of excellence, so it's a place you can trust...


And you do need to trust the person who is doing your treatment...


IPL/Laser Permanent Hair Removal is big business and there are unfortunately many unqualified operators with inferior equipment offering very cheap treatments. This leads to risks such as burning, scarring, disfigurement... and the cost of treating these mistakes is huge!  AND... you will often need many sessions to eradicate your unwanted hair.


At Northmead Beauty Therapy, because we use the latest IPL technology, you will get excellent results with far fewer treatment sessions.


Northmead Beauty Therapy now has it’s own IPL machine, which is permanently installed in the salon and our senior IPL technicians have done all the accredited courses available ensuring once again we are the leaders in our field, so you're assured of getting the best results. We use the very latest  IPL technology and because we own our equipment, you'll never have to wait.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Outside business hours – why not book online? CLICK HERE

We offer FREE personal and private consultations with an experienced, qualified specialist technician exclusive to our centre that can assess your needs and provide you with a treatment strategy. Our clients have the freedom to pay for each procedure individually; without the imposition of binding contracts and specified requirements. We believe our impeccable service, honesty, and professionalism, coupled with a genuine desire to obtain results, provides sufficient reason for our clients to return.

Please speak to our friendly Skin and Laser Specialist team for discount and package pricing details on 9890 7444.





In N.S.W legislation is very poor and unfortunately anyone can operate an IPL or Laser machine. Does this sound scary to you? Our senior IPL technicians have done all the extensive accredited courses available ensuring once again we are the leaders in our field, so you're assured of getting the best results.




There are many machines on the market today. Some are of exceptional standard, and others that are very poor. Northmead Beauty Therapy have invested in a UltraLux medical grade strength machine that offers effective treatments with maximum results. This machine is registered by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (ATGA).  Most of the machines used today that are imported are not recognized nor registered by the ATGA.


IPL systems differ in energy levels, hence lower levels will result in endless treatments and unsatisfactory results. Paying less is not always best. Chances are you will outlay more money with only a TEMPORARY result.




1. Does your IPL have client contact cooling?


This means when the hand piece contacts the skin it will feel very cool. This is essential for a comfortable treatment, but will also protect the skin from flash burns. You will never go back to painful systems that’s require ice, gel and basic IPL machines once you have experienced our treatments.


2. Does your IPL have wide smooth pulse technology?


Wide smooth pulse technology allows a higher treatment power, which is delivered safely and comfortably. Higher power inputs means less treatments and savings for you.


3. Does your IPL have a large coverage?


Thanks to its advanced, new technology, the Intense Pulsed-Light (IPL) works several times faster than other light based hair removal systems. Smaller areas such as the under-arms, bikini is now treated in five minutes, making the treatment suitable for even the busiest person’s schedule.


It can be very confusing to select a suitable IPL Technician that will provide you with honest and   appropriate advice on the best treatment to suit your specific needs, skin type and budget. 



Ultralux Intense Pulsed Light


What to expect


We have 3 stages of hair growth and 3 hairs in each follicle, the only hair we can treat is the 1st phase of growth called ANAGEN. This stage of hair growth has an abundance of melanin (colour), and blood supply at the base, it is still attached to the bulb, therefore easy to treat. Only 10 to 60% of hairs are in this stage at 1 time, so each time you receive a treatment only 10 to 60 % will be destroyed , depending on which hair is in the correct phase. If the hair does not fall out... don’t panic, it just means that the other hairs where not in the right stage of growth... they will fall out eventually.


Depending on the area we treat, the hormonal influences on the body and gender, every hair will take 8 to 14 months to get into the anagen phase. That is why you will need a minimum of 6 to 8 sessions that need to be placed between 4 to 6 weeks apart to get the best and quickest result.


After 6 to 8 sessions you will have 80 to 95% reduction. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE NO HAIRS, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE BLOND WHITE, GREY AND FLUFFIES LEFT. IPL attracts to colour, so if the hair has no colour, it cannot fall out.


When we are treating the full bikini area, the mucus membrane is protected by a shield of fluid, the ultralux is attracted to the fluid over the hair, therefore in the mucus membrane area, hair will get softer but WILL NEVER be gone, these areas will be shown to you by your therapist.

As we age and hormones change, if you have endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hirsutism or any other hormonal imbalances. You will need a maintenance programme every 6 months to 1 year, again, depending on the individual depends on the exact results.


We have an abundance of dormant cells in our body, as we change in life dormant cells can activate and produce new hair growth, so after 3 months to a year, you may notice shoots of hair appearing. THIS IS NOT the hairs we have treated, but dormant cells that may have activated from a hormonal change. You will still have a significant reduction, but to maintain the great results, we highly recommend a maintenance programme consisting of 1 treatment every 3, 6 or 12 months... depending on the individual circumstances and hormonal imbalances, which cannot be controlled.


Once you have completed your course of treatments you will be amazed with the final result. The most important thing to remember is to not set unrealistic expectations, and try and complete your full course of sessions to get the best results. The hairs will be softer, thinner or possibly gone altogether, you will never have unsightly ingrowns or razor rash again, the thick dense hairs will be removed, the collagen and elastin in your skin would of activated new cells, therefore your skin will have an added bonus of being silky soft, evenly coloured and firmer to the touch.



Frequently Asked Questions


How does IPL hair removal work?


The Intense Pulsed Light hair removal system targets the hair follicle without disrupting the skin’s surface to remove hair on any part of the body for smooth softer looking skin. The energy directed from the IPL handpiece is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, which enables the hair to grow. Our top of the line approach to hair removal is safe for all skin types and targets all hair colors that contain melanin. The result is permanent hair reduction providing the most desired effect.


Is IPL Hair Removal permanent?


Yes, hair follicles that have absorbed the energy of the light and have been destroyed (usually 80%) will never grow hair again. Some hair growth may appear after 5–7 treatments but it will be thinner, lighter in color and grow at a much slower rate than before. Even though the areas treated will not come back, due to hormonal changes such as stress, endometriosis, polysistic ovarium syndrome, hirsuitism, etc, we can not control dormant hairs that activate from a hormonal change, therefore maintainance sessions will be required every 3, 6 to 12 months depending on the individual.


Is IPL Hair Removal safe?


Yes, the our Ultralux ipl is the most sought after IPL machine on the market today providing maximum hair removal results. We only use TGA approved equipment, which means it meets the strict standards of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. Free consultations with the fully trained technicians are available to determine if you are the right candidate for IPL hair removal.


What does IPL Hair Removal feel like?


Some say it feel likes small elastic bands slapping against the skin or mini pinches, while others don’t feel a thing. Though it is not necessary, we can provide an anesthetic cream to numb the area and a cooler that sprays cool air to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.


How often do I come in for treatment?


Since your hair grows in intervals of 3 cycles, we recommend waiting 4–6 weeks in between treatments until your desired result is achieved. Our goal is to target hair growth in the Anagen phase where hair growth is active and contains the most melanin.


How long does the treatment take?


The ultralux IPL system is able to treat areas of the body at a much faster rate than most lasers – cutting treatment time in half. Hair removal of the lip can take as little as 30 seconds whereas a treatment on your full legs can take up to an hour. It depends on the area of the body being treated and density of the hair.


What areas can be treated with IPL?


All areas of the body may be treated though we try to stay away from the eye area.


How Many IPL treatments will I need for permanent hair reduction?


Usually between 6 to 8 treatments is needed for permanent hair reduction. If you are not looking for full removal and would like to thin an area, fewer treatments are necessary. Hair will grow less and less with each treatment until your desired result is achieved. Men sometimes require additional sessions due to having thicker skin, therefore the IPL takes longer to pass into the desired hair.


I was out in the sun, is it okay to get treated?


We recommend staying out of the sun for 3 to 4 weeks before treatments for safe and optimal results.

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