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The advent of long lasting make-up and the resurgence of heavy creams are stimulating a lot dirty activity on the skin, contributing to under-surface congestion and an overall dull complexion. Add in our skin's natural sebum (oil) and environmental pollutants that surround us in the air and we have quite the cocktail of debris lingering on the skin and working down into our pores.

Now just think back to that cleanse you performed today... does it seem like it was thorough enough to cut through it all? Chances are it wasn't, because the average person cleanses their skin for only 20 seconds with a water-soluble cleanser that cannot thoroughly break down and remove all that oil-based debris.

You remember the saying oil and water don't mix right? The same principle applies to your water-based cleanser and the oil-based debris on your skin. And if they don't mix, and instead repel each other, how is you water-based cleanser going to ever remove that oil, dirt and grime?

Truth is only oil can cut through and thoroughly remove oil. (Don't worry oil-phobes! There are oils that rinse clean from skin without leaving a greasy residue or contributing to any additional oily build-up) And with the right oil-based cleanser, layers of oil debris are adequately removed, leaving behind nothing but ultra-clean skin.

Here's a sampling of some plant-based oils that can help fortify and improve the health of skin:

  • Apricot Kernel Oil - helps liquefy oily substances, is a great source of Vitamin A, and helps soothe irritation, nourish and moisturize.

  • Kukui Nut Oil - is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and has been used by Hawaiians for centuries to protect skin. It helps treat skin disorders such as dry skin, acne and irritation, without leaving behind a greasy residue.

  • Borage Oil - contains Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), an ingredient widely used for treating inflammation, eczema, dehydration and scaliness.

  • Olive Oil - rich in antioxidants, acts as a powerful emollient when topically applied, smoothing and softening skin while reinforcing skin's natural protective barrier.

  • Vitamin E Oil - is a rich antioxidant that improves skin smoothness and softness.

  • Rice Bran Oil - is rich in the vitamins, antioxidants and photosterols that help defend, soften and facilitate repair.

Dermalogica's newest product, PreCleanse, is changing the way the world cleanses.

get ready for your cleanest skin ever

What did your cleanser leave behind?

Everyone knows to cleanse their skin twice daily, but most people don't realise that a single cleanse with a surfactant-based cleanser still leaves behind a film of oil based debris, such as sunscreen, long lasting make-up, pollutants and your skins own sebum (oil). How does it happen? The oil-based debris on your skin creates a barrier that your usual cleanser simple cannot fully penetrate. The result is a dull, congested complexion

What can you do about it?

Now you can come clean with the PreCleanse and the Dermalogica Double Cleanse! Only PreCleanse is formulated with the plant-based oils that can melt the layers of oil-based debris on your skin because the molecules bond to each other, unlike the water molecules in your usual cleanser. These oils then emulsify when you add the water, encapsulating and removing the trapped debris and allowing your recommended Dermalogica Cleanser to penetrate even further than before.

The unique Dermalogica Double Cleanse is the technique-based regimen taught to and performed exclusively by out skin care professionals - and it is their secret to healthy, ultra-clean skin. While double cleansing with your traditional cleanser may partially remove oil-based debris, only the Dermalogica Double Cleanse that begins with PreCleanse can adequately penetrate layers of oily debris for complete removal, ensuring a more intense, more professional and more thorough level of clean.

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For further information about any of the information or any of the products above please ring one of our skin care centres to speak to one of our friendly therapists - Baulkham Hills Beauty Therapy (02) 9639 9294 or Northmead Beauty Therapy (02) 9890 7444.


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