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Our New Years resolution this year is to fix our most complained about problem last year.



Do you know what our clients complained about the most last year?  If you were our receptionist you would...



You might be surprised.  You would think that being a beauty salon the complaints we get would be about things like; missing a few hairs during a leg wax, or perhaps nails lifting, or maybe the fact that we are always booked up.   But, NO.


Our most frequent complaint last year (and yes we have no life so we actually track our complaints!) was that clients missed out.  I am sure that many of you have already clicked onto what I am talking about.  Our clients complained that they missed out on our specials because they did not get the email, newsletter or SMS announcing the special. 


I know how frustrating it is for me when I go for my regular hair appointment and then find out I could have saved $25 off the week before or I could have scored a FREE shampoo if I had bought my conditioner when they had a give away promotion.  So I wised up and joined my hairdresser's mailing list.  Here is your chance to GUARANTEE you never miss a special, FREE stuff or pay too much for all your beauty services, but more about that in a moment.


As you know all of us here are great at what we do.  We do nails or facials or waxing, actually everything that is beauty.  And we are great at it.  However, we may be great beauty therapists or nail techs but when it comes to reception, well we suck.   We constantly forget to update your details, get you to fill in client contact forms, never offer to sign you up to our mailing list and just assume that you will pick up and read a copy of our newsletter when you are in the salon.  Well, you know what they say about assumption...the inevitable happens and you miss out on a great discount, giveaway or FREE stuff and we feel horrible.


So, this year we are getting our act together and we are aiming that not one client will miss out on being notified of the specials.  Now everyone makes New Years Resolutions (I have personally had some doozies in the past), and we don't always stick to them.   This is where we need your help.


We are attempting to email or mail every single one of our clients like you to update our chronically neglected database.  We will resort to almost anything to get you to update your details, but we have chosen bribery.  We are not ashamed.


In return for you doing the job we failed so miserably doing last year (remember we suck at reception, looking at how this letter is probably addressed will be enough to prove the point) we are going to pay you to be our receptionist.  Attached to this letter is a form that will take you about 30 seconds to complete and send back.  If you receive this letter by email simply head to our the "Receptionist" page and complete an "Northmead Beauty's Receptionist For A Day" form.  When we get your form back by mail or email we will send you payment of a;


·                     ** $10 Gift Voucher to use in the salon anytime you please.  Particularly handy as we are all broke after Christmas.

·                     ** Your first month's newsletter packed full of salon gossip, specials, news and beauty advice.

·                     ** One "Get out Of Beauty for FREE card".  This card entitles you to one FREE beauty service up to the value of $20.

·                     ** Sign you up to our specials mailing list so you need never miss out.



So we are going to pay you $30 for 30 seconds work.  That's about $1 per second.  So not only will you receive $30 worth of beauty treatments but you will also go on our mailing list to receive all our monthly newsletters, exclusive beauty offers and specials.  NEVER MISS OUT AGAIN!


So in finishing, THANK YOU for being our receptionist for a day, ensuring we stick to our New Year's Resolution and helping us fix our biggest complaint for last year.  So pens at the ready...


Yours Sincerely,



Michelle, Sharon, Belinda, Leanne S, Leanne O, Jess, Katie, Nicole, Kelli & Scott.



P.S.  Remember, you only have to send back your completed form (via the web) to get your $30 payment, so do it today!


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