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We Are Moving


We have moved 800 metres away to

23 Madeline Ave, Northmead.

After 15 years at Northmead Shopping Plaza, Northmead Beauty Therapy is relocating.

Why? …. Several reasons

First and foremost … rent, our rent alone is currently in excess of $6000 per month (that’s ALOT of $25 eyebrow waxes each month!!!) and the landlord wants to increase it another 4% every year for the next 5 years.  We had 2 options to either increase our prices or move.  To remain viable, we would need to increase our prices to accommodate the usual annual increases plus another 4% and that would of only been detrimental to our valued clients, particularly in this volatile economy and put our prices completely out of the market.

Secondly … the shopfront.  The “shopfront” as we know it has changed forever.  The internet has made the world a much smaller place and has significantly impacted on the retail market, even in a small neighbourhood shopping centre in Northmead.   Despite this, and whilst the clinical look has served us well, after 15 years we were thinking we were a little outdated and needed a fresher more modern look.

We have always been considered leaders in our industry both locally and nationally and want that reputation to continue.  We have sourced many options with our relocation.  We have researched internationally and have decided to follow the footsteps of many high profile UK salons by leaving the “traditional shopfront” and introducing the “Garden Spa” concept. 

Our new premises promises to create a entire new ambience not seen before at Northmead Beauty Therapy.  The concept takes a more calmer and relaxed approach and gives way to an entire new experience.

This will also lead the way for us to maintain our reasonable pricing structure and continue offering the amazing deals we offer to you on a regular basis.

We have commenced trading at 23 Madeline Avenue Northmead.  Off street parking is available to access our detached premises at the rear of the property.

Our staff are excited and super keen with this new concept.  You will still receive the same outstanding service, with the same treatments available, from the same staff but in a more modern, relaxed and ambient atmosphere.


To get there;

  • From the Northmead shops, follow Murray St. 

  • Go straight through the Stop signs and follow the S-bend onto Caprera Road

  • Take the 1st left onto Madeline Avenue and premises will be 50 metres on your left.


We look forward to introducing you to our new “Garden Spa” concept which will always remain the highly regarded and award winning, Northmead Beauty Therapy.


Michelle & the team at Northmead Beauty Therapy


To book an appointment call Northmead Beauty Therapy 02 9890 7444 or book online now, or fill in the form below and one of our skin care therapists will call you straight back to discuss your individual requirements.





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